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Monthly Archives: January, 2021


AI Weapon Detection: Is the Hype Warranted?

By: Alex Wasson, Director of Security

It may be difficult to remember when COVID wasn’t the most pressing issue on everybody’s mind. But in recent years, increases in gun violence have presented a significant challenge to the security industry. And despite nearly a year of limited social interaction, these increases have .

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5 Essential Technologies for a New Cannabis Business

With both and legislators making renewed pushes for marijuana legalization, cannabis is again a hot topic in the Midwest. With this being the case, prospective business-owners are likely looking once again at jumping into the world of cannabis entrepreneurship, from dispensaries to grow houses and extraction facilities.

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Four tips for Taking Care of Your Network in 2021

At this point, it probably goes without saying that 2020 was a year full of challenges. However, conventional wisdom dictates that a new year means renewed opportunities for improvement, and that applies to your business as well.

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