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Monthly Archives: February, 2021


5 Benefits of Using Digital Signage

Digital Signage has become something of a buzzword in recent years, particularly in the commercial space, but this is no short-lived trend. You’ve likely noticed businesses across multiple industries turning to digital displays, and the reasons are clear. Whether you’re looking for visibility, versatility or a more interactive customer experience, digital messaging provides numerous advantages over traditional, static signage. 

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Three Reasons to Switch to Conference Room as a Service

One of the biggest trends of recent years in the business has been that collaboration is more important than ever. The ability to connect and share ideas, whether with teammates or customers, is crucial to staying productive.

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5 of Today’s Biggest Technology Challenges, and How to Solve Them

As recently as a couple of decades ago, few could have imagined how integral technology has become in running a business today. Technology enables day to day operations, empowers communication, and protects people and property. But for all the good it does for our businesses, technology can also introduce difficulties, whether practical, financial or otherwise.

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Underappreciated Life-Safety Solutions Keep People and Property Safe

When you hear the term “Life-Safety Solutions,” technologies like fire alarms, access control and video surveillance likely come to mind right away. These solutions are certainly important enough to warrant the attention they get in the industry, but a comprehensive life-safety plan includes much more.

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