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Oh Happy Day

Oh Happy Day

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Oh Happy Day, there is nothing like church on Easter. Everyone is dressed in their Sunday best, excited to celebrate the resurrection of the Lord. Rain or shine the church seems a little brighter, and the pews seem to be a little tighter. As you prepare for the celebration, making sure the sound system is working at full capacity might not be on the top of the list. Good thing you have the experts at Tech Electronics to rely on.

With an inspection from Tech Electronics, we are able to test your sound system to ensure it is not only working properly but can also accommodate those extra listeners. If your sound system isn’t in need of any repairs but you are looking to take this celebration to the next level, we have a solution for you. By partnering with Shure we can deliver a Personal Monitoring System that ensures you don’t miss a cue. The Personal Monitoring System provides more advanced options for monitor engineers and musicians with features such as:

  • Stereo and mono mode options and clear, 24-bit digital audio
  • Up to 15 compatible frequencies per band
  • 24 MHz tuning bandwidth

Contact us to learn more about a personal monitoring system or to schedule your inspection. During all holiday season we are offer special pricing on proactive preventative maintenance and for any two holidays and discounts for repairs:

  • Easter Testing and Inspection
  • Easter Testing and Inspection Bundle
  • 20% off Easter Repair

Don’t wait until your congregation is filling the pews to find our your sound system is not working properly. Fill out the below form to schedule your inspection.

* Schedule your sound system inspection before March 17th and you will be entered to win a state-of -the-art handheld wireless microphone from Shure that will give your choir some extra range as they sing the Lord’s praises.


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