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    St. Mary’s Health Center Jefferson City, MO

    To find a reliable, local technology services partner to outfit new facility with the latest in technology that fit modern needs and enhanced efficiency.

    Partnered with Tech Electronics to implement Nurse Call, Fire Alarm, Security, Clocks, RTLS technology

    Tech Electronics was a local company able to provide the hospital with state-of-the-art technology solutions and help the overall efficiency of the new hospital.

    St. Mary’s Hospital in Jefferson City, Missouri has been serving the central corridor of the state since 1905. For over a century the facility provided exceptional care to the community, undergoing many renovations to stay up-to-date with modern medicine and technology. As the healthcare landscape continues to evolve the renovations needed to meet the new demands of patients would have been too costly, leading to the decision to build a new facility.

    St. Mary’s Hospital broke ground on the new facility in 2012. With construction underway, the search for a technology partner began. The hospital was looking for a local vendor that could equip the facility with state-of-the-art technology that will increase efficiency and patient satisfaction.

    “Our main goal was to use local providers to create a facility tailored for patient care efficiency,” said Mike Bock, Facility Director for SSM St. Mary’s. “We wanted to keep the work local for service and response time and because this hospital has always been a big part of the community.”


    That is when Bock turned to trusted partner, Tech Electronics of Columbia, a technology services organization, for a solution. The hospital relied on the expertise of Tech Electronics to provide the recommendations that help achieve the goal of efficiency.

    “We were starting with a clean slate,” said Bock. “We wanted technology that was networkable, systems that were integrated for use throughout the facility.”

    To provide the facility with the best possible solution, Tech Electronics worked closely hospital staff to understand day-to-day needs.

    “We let the staff drive the conversation,” said Dave Rotert, Healthcare Account Manager for Tech Electronics of Columbia. “They will be the ones using the technology on a daily basis so finding out what they needed helped us design the right solution.”

    After determining what solutions best fit the needs of the staff, Tech Electronics worked with its top vendors to provide full demonstrations of each system. The company even provided equipment for a full-scale model of a patient room so that staff could see the layout and capabilities of the technology. Further ensuring each system was tailored to meet the exact needs of the staff and allow for any modifications to made before the installation.

    With the goal of creating a safe, efficient and stainable facility, Tech Electronics selected the Notifier Mass Evacuation fire alarm system, along with custom speakers by Quam, providing intelligent ability throughout the entire facility. Avigilon, IP security cameras were selected for its advanced software, high-resolution picture and its ability to integrate with the Lenel Access Control. Ascom Telliegence nurse call and wireless phones were selected because of its ability to integrate Versus, Real-Time location system for asset tracking. This solution provided the mobility the staff need and also increases workflow efficiency.

    St. Mary’s Hospital, now known as SSM Health St. Mary’s Hospital opened its doors in November 2014. The new facility is equipped with 167 beds, an extensive cardiology and open-heart surgery, a maternal and child care center, an oncology center and a network of primary care clinics and a tailor-made technology solution.

    “There were a lot of moving parts in this facility,” said Rotert. “Our engineers were able to design a solution that met the specific needs of the customer.”

    The systems not only achieved an increase of workflow and safety, but the hospital is also considered a model for intelligent systems. The new facility is so efficient that the hospital is applying for the new construction ASHE Vista Award. The Vista Award is presented to an organization to gain national recognition for their design and construction initiatives.


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