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    Great Service Creates a Lasting Partnership


    Huffords Jewelry

    In need of a reliable service provider

    Finding a new service provider, that was reliable

    Tech Electronics was able to provide the service the customer needed which lead to new business


    Huffords Jewelry is a family-owned business that has been serving the Frontenac community of St. Louis, Missouri for over 60 years. The Hufford family has forged a reputation for quality by providing unique products and outstanding customer service.  With service as a key to their success, Huffords built their business on the belief that your relationship with your Jeweler can and should last a lifetime.

    Over the years, Hufford’s Jewelry struggled to find a service provider that instilled the same values on customer service. The need for a reliable service provider became even more apparent when, Dan Hufford, third generation and current President of Huffords Jewelry, realized that his security system was no longer recording footage, and his current service provider was unable to make a service call for days. That is when Hufford turned to Director of Service for Tech Electronics, Sean Devereaux

    Tech Electronics is a family-owned and operated technology services organization headquartered in St. Louis, Missouri. The service department consists of seven customer care representatives, four senior service desk specialists and 44 highly trained and certified technicians and inspectors who provide 24/7/365 service.  Tech Electronics has an outstanding reputation for providing quality service to companies of all sizes – encompassing everything that Hufford was looking for.

    “I was under the impression that Tech Electronics was too big to provide service to small businesses,” said Dan Hufford, president of Huffords Jewelry. “After discussing our needs with Sean, I was confident that Tech Electronics was exactly the type of company I was looking for.”

    With 44 dedicated service technicians, Devereaux was able to immediately deploy a technician to the jewelry store to assess the situation. Although the system was not installed by Tech Electronics, the technician was able to pinpoint the problem, install a loaner DVR and restore recording capabilities within a few hours. The faulty DVR was then repaired at Tech Electronics’ onsite repair shop and reinstalled at Hufford’s a few days later.

    Shortly after the security issues had been resolved, the jewelry store’s aging phone system crashed, and Hufford turned directly to Tech Electronics for assistance.
    A technician was promptly sent out to assess the current state of the store’s phone system. The technician determined that the phone system was obsolete and not repairable. A new solution needed to be implemented quickly so that customer service and daily business operations were not disrupted.

    “Implementing state-of-the-art technology was a top priority for the customer,” said Safija Perotti, Voice and Data Specialist for Tech Electronics. “In order to provide the customer with the latest technology we recommended the Mitel MiVoice Office 250.”

    The Mitel MiVoice Office 250 was chosen for its rich features, such as 24 self-labeling LCD key appearances, and its ability to seamlessly accommodate growth.  Also, the Mitel IP Communications Platform was chosen because of its streamline capabilities. The Mitel Streamline enabled Tech Electronics to convert the existing voice cable into a data cable, deploying VoIP capabilities.  By reusing the existing cable, Tech Electronics was able to design and install the new Mitel system within a week, leaving the jewelry store with state-of-the-art technology.

    During the implementation of the new phone system was complete; the jewelry store endured yet another technology setback when they began experiencing issues with their data network. Again, Hufford immediately looked to Tech Electronics for help.

    “After assessing the jewelry store’s network, we determined that the store was running on outdated equipment, causing the email outages that Dan had reported,” said Adam Baer, Director of IT Services for Tech Electronics. “We also identified incomplete coverage of the wireless network, dated data-backup software and older PC’s. In order to resolve the current issue and prevent future issues, we suggested a complete network and software upgrade.”

    The first step was to restore the store’s server email capabilities and expand the wireless network. The technology solutions provider chose to install a Dell server with RAID storage for redundancy, Brocade switches, and an Aruba Wireless Access Point, along with a SonicWALL firewall to protect the new network.  Next, the integrator installed new PC’s and laptops for office use and implemented the migration of server services, data, and applications, backup strategy to Hosted Exchange. These services created a simplified management platform equipping the store with an active directory, disaster recovery software for data back-up and protection, as well as an upgraded business management database system to easily keep track of customers.  Although technology is essential to running a modern business, the cost, especially when unexpected, can become a concern for any business owner.

    For a small business, like Huffords Jewelry, replacing and updating technology can be costly which is why Hufford chose to lease the technology equipment from Tech Electronics. With a lease option in place, Hufford pays a monthly fee for the new phone system and IT equipment.

    “Technology changes all the time, it takes a lot of resources to keep up with the latest business solutions,” says Baer. “The lease option allows our customers to invest in their technology while preparing for the future.”

    Tech Electronics gives customers the option to lease systems to help with the cost and to help businesses stay at the forefront of technology. At the end of the lease agreement, Hufford has the option to upgrade to newer technology or keep his existing systems.

    “The option to lease the systems from Tech Electronics was extremely helpful, especially with the unforeseen crash of my phone system,” said Hufford. “Not only does it help with the cost but it allows me to keep my technology current and hopefully avoid these issues in the future.”

    By partnering with Tech Electronics for service, Hufford not only found a reliable service provider but also identified a trusted partner for all his technology needs. Huffords Jewelry is now equipped with a solid performing network and a telephone system that can easily accommodate growth. The new technology allows the jewelry store to run more efficiently.

    “By partnering with Tech Electronics, I not only have a one-stop-shop for all my technology needs but it gives me piece of mind and allows me to focus on taking care of my customers,” concluded Hufford.


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