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    Starting from the Ground Up, Jefferson Memorial Community Foundation Gains the Right Systems to Grow


    Jefferson Memorial Community Foundation

    Implement a reliable, secure network infrastructure for the new Jefferson Memorial Community Foundation.

    Tech Electronics installs a firewall, a server, workstations, a network switching and wireless to support IP phone system & meet day-to-day demands of the new office.

    A total independent system allows the Jefferson Memorial Community Foundation to support further healthcare and social needs in the area.


    In early 2013, Jefferson Memorial Community Foundation (JMCF) was established to support further healthcare and social needs in Jefferson County, Missouri. The independently owned organization’s mission is to improve healthcare for the surrounding communities through its support for charitable and educational activities that promote individual and community health and well-being.

    The foundation was initially located in a vacant physicians’ office while the new office location was being built. In the interim, Jefferson Memorial Community Foundation relied on the hospital’s infrastructure to support day-to-day operations. Once the new office was completed, the Foundation would need to transition to its own infrastructure.

    Tackling a Total Overhaul to Provide New Infrastructure

    Jefferson Memorial Community Foundation was referred to systems integrator Tech Electronics for recommendations on a reliable, secure network infrastructure with the capacity to support an IP phone system and meet the day-to-day demands of the new foundation.

    “We received bids from two other companies as well, but in the end Tech Electronics won us over,” said Jeff Buck, President of Jefferson Memorial Community Foundation. “They had an organized, structured approach to the project and they understood that it was crucial for us to be up-and-running for the New Year.”

    To complete the project by the New Year and deliver the highest quality infrastructure, Tech Electronics proposed implementing a firewall, Windows server, desktop workstations, network switching and wireless. To meet the needs of the new network infrastructure, the systems integrator recommended solutions from industry leaders Dell, Brocade, and Aruba.

    “Every wireless infrastructure is designed differently and tailored to meet that business’s needs,” said Adam Baer, Director of Business Development IT Technology for Tech Electronics. “JMCF needed a seamless transition to its new infrastructure and a solution that could keep up with future growth.”

    Tech Electronics recommended the SonicWall TZ 205, a powerful Unified Threat Management (UTM) firewall, to provide protection for the new company’s infrastructure. It combines the most effective intrusion prevention, anti-malware and content/URL filtering with a secure platform for laptops, smartphones, desktops, and tablets. The desktop appliance is easy to set up, operate and manage which is why it was chosen for JMCF.

    To simplify management as well as consolidate users and files, the systems integrator implemented the Dell Power Edge server. With storage capacity, flexibility, and powerful computing abilities, the server meets demands for the growing company.

    New workstations were required to provide work spaces for the employees. For this task, Tech Electronics selected Dell OptiPlex. The Dell Optiplex line of business grade workstations has a proven record of delivering performance and reliability.

    Jefferson Memorial Community Foundation needed a robust network to support voice, data and guest wireless access, which is why the systems integrator implemented Brocade’s ICX6400 series switching. The new network infrastructure will provide easier management of the network, as well as performance. Since it is highly reliable and scalable, the switching will be usable if the foundation has needs for additional IP devices such as IP Cameras.

    To provide secured, guest access to the network for visitors, Aruba Wireless was installed.  This wireless network requires a secure login that only allows guests to connect to the internet and not to the company resources of the network.  Charter Communications was brought in as the carrier for the new systems Tech Electronics was installing. The systems integrator provided support between Charter and JMCF to streamline the installation process.

    “Being able to use the space at Mercy allowed us to get foundation up and running right away,” said Buck. “But it was apparent that we needed to become independent in our location and systems to really be able to grow. Tech Electronics helped us get there.”

    Tech Electronics was able to work with the technology vendors and existing hospital network to shift the company data onto their newly implemented network and ensure a smooth transition.

    Tech Electronics understood the necessity of creating a new infrastructure for JMCF and doing so promptly. The systems integrator went beyond expectations, working hard through the winter holidays to meet the New Year’s deadline. Jefferson Memorial Community Foundation officially opened its doors on January 6, 2014. Having the infrastructure completed beforehand made the foundation’s move to the new offices seamless.

    With grant season in full swing, the foundation is seeing firsthand the benefits of a implanting a tailor-made network infrastructure. They feel confident in the work Tech Electronics produced and have already referred the company to a local physician’s office.

    The Jefferson Memorial Community Foundation is now able to establish its roots with a new location and infrastructure. Tech Electronics worked hard to provide the new foundation with all the necessary equipment to open at the start of the New Year. JMCF is now fully structured to handle all day-to-day operations as well as any future business growth.

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