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Lutheran Senior Services Turns to Long-Standing Partner, Tech Electronics, to Implement Security Solutions


Lutheran Senior Services

Continue the standard of systems installations for Lutheran Senior Services’ two expanding campuses.

Tech Electronics implements fire alarm, security cameras, nurse call, telephone, card access, and automatic door locks in the new additions.

The two expanded campuses are now more safe and secure for residents, and the locations are streamlined with the other campuses.


Lutheran Senior Services (LSS) has been a pillar in the St. Louis community for over 150 years. Their work continues today by providing long-term care at nine retirement communities across Missouri and Illinois, with five locations in the St. Louis area. These campuses are committed to carrying out Lutheran Senior Services’ strong legacy by offering a variety of different care options, from independent living to skilled nursing, as well as in-home services. Amenities differ from each facility, but they all strive to provide safe and enjoyable lifestyles for their residents.  Dedicated to providing the best quality of care to seniors in the community, Lutheran Senior Services’, Laclede Groves and Meramec Bluffs locations, recently underwent renovations to add additional space to each facility.

Since having up-to-date technology is crucial for patient safety and satisfaction; Carl Riebold, Director of IT for LSS, turned to long-standing partner, Tech Electronics to outfit the new additions with the latest fire and life safety systems. With a partnership that spans over a decade, Tech Electronics was the obvious choice to design, install and service the technology systems that would complete the 295,000 square feet of additions.

Tech Electronics has proven to be a reliable partner for Lutheran Senior Services; in fact, in the past year, the systems integrator has designed, installed and serviced over 15 projects across all of the long-term care provider’s facilities. Additionally, the original facilities are already equipped with technology systems from Tech Electronics, making the integration of the new systems seamless.

“Lutheran Senior Services came to us because they trust the work we’ve done in the past,” said Amy Puleo, Sales Account Manager for Tech Electronics. “Their residents’ safety is the number one priority, which is why we have and will continue to equip their facilities with the best systems technology has to offer.”

To meet Lutheran Senior Services’ standards, the systems integrator turned to their industry leading vendors, for their state-of-art products in fire alarms, security cameras, door security measures, card access, phones and a nurse call system.

For the fire alarm system, Notifier by Honeywell was selected. This product is highly regarded and trusted by Tech Electronics. In fact, Tech Electronics is one of the nation’s leading dealers of Notifier systems.

The security cameras used for the project were from Exacq. The door security system, from SecureCare, prevents patient wandering with its delayed egress feature. It allows for an emergency escape; wherein the person has to press and hold the button for 15 seconds. This prevents patients from wandering accidentally while still keeping them safe in the case of an emergency. Tech Electronics recommended Lenel for Card Access and phones were selected from Mitel. These can also be used for networking projects, for instance, adding a new switchboard.

Vision Link was selected for the wireless nurse call. It can monitor the fire alarms, doors and has an audit system to improve accountability. With this system, there are backup alarms that alert different locations if the nurse call has not been answered.

“The wireless nurse call system is essential to our operations,” said Riebold. “It helps us monitor the fire alarms, smoke detectors, doors and of course serves as a system of communication between our residents and nurses.”

The nurse call system also monitors the sprinkler pipes in the parking garage at the Meramec Bluffs location. Since temperatures can drop very low in the winter, the sprinkler pipes have to be monitored to prevent them from freezing. Tech Electronics and Lutheran Senior Services were faced with this obstacle unexpectedly during their project but were able to work together to provide a cost-efficient solution.

To ensure that projects run smoothly, meet deadlines and stay within budget, LSS and Tech Electronics have bi-weekly meetings to discuss the progress of all open projects. Also, Puleo and Riebold meet weekly to discuss ‘pre-projects’ for the future and any other pressing matters. With multiple projects in progress and future projects in the works, maintaining a clear line of communications is key to continuing their successful partnership and guarantees that the best solutions are being implemented.

“At Lutheran Senior Services the safety of our residents comes first,” says Riebold. “Knowing that Tech Electronics is dedicated to helping us provide a safe environment for our residents, gives us peace of mind.”

Tech Electronics’ ultimate goal for Lutheran Senior Services is the safety and well-being of their residents. To achieve this goal, Tech Electronics continues to maintain and support the systems they installed.

Lutheran Senior Services’ residents are safer and more secure in the buildings on their newly-renovated campuses. Tech Electronics used their expertise to provide the best products to the residents and staff at the new locations. The long-standing relationship between the systems integrator and the senior living provider allowed for a successful installation project that will surely lead to future projects.


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