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Fire Alarm Systems

Fire Alarm Systems

Tech Electronics knows fire alarm systems so you don’t have to

Fire alarm systems are typically out-of-sight, out-of-mind and only thought of when disaster strikes. Luckily, they are top of mind at Tech. By partnering with leading manufacturers, Tech Electronics delivers the latest technologies to help provide early detection to better protect life and property. UL-Listed (Underwriters Laboratories) and armed with a staff of engineers and industry-recognized NICET certified representatives, Tech Electronics’ team delivers proper fire alarm installation met with exact design to give you a peace of mind.

Recognized as an industry leader, Tech Electronics sits on the advisory board of leading fire alarm manufacturers providing input, guidance, and direction. Tech works closely with code authorities and organizations such as UL, NFPA, and NSCA to ensure our experts are equipped with the latest industry information when performing fire alarm inspections and installations. We also provide educational seminars to Inspectors, Fire Marshals and Architects/Engineers on hot topics in the life safety industry.

From understanding code requirements and design to fire alarm installation, inspections, and service, Tech Electronics provides fire alarm solutions that help protect life and property. To assure you are providing a safe, reliable device, along with detection and monitoring systems for your facility, trust the experienced professionals at Tech Electronics.

“We chose Tech Electronics because of their expertise. The project was an upgrade of the existing fire alarm system and we knew Tech Electronics could handle the job.”
Jacob Gorelik
St. Louis County Public Works

Contact one of our certified fire alarm experts today or have your architect or engineer contact Tech Electronics!

Detection Technology

Given the seriousness and unpredictability of fires, specialized detection and prevention devices can better protect your facility. Detection technology can tell more precisely where a fire originated and the direction in which it is headed.

At Tech Electronics, our designers can customize a fire alarm system to detect for the early stages of fire. With today’s use of modern construction materials and the synthetics found within a household or building, utilizing the technology of multi criteria smoke detectors, duct detectors, beam detectors, and carbon monoxide (CO) detectors, not only pinpoints and locates the fire before severe property damage but prevents loss of life.


Specialty Systems

Technology by itself does not solve your fire needs. With new technology come new challenges. Tech Electronics is fully trained in these specialty systems to ensure there are no issues presented when designing a system.

Modern construction has become complex making it difficult for proper design and early warning of a fire alarm system, until now. Specialties such as air sampling /aspiration, wireless detection, gas detection, and emergency communication systems can meet the challenges that modern buildings present today.

By utilizing air sampling /aspiration, Tech Electronics can provide much-needed detection in areas such as animal cages, coal mines, specialty manufacturing facilities, dirty mechanical rooms where conventional detection does not provide acceptable performance. Air sampling / aspiration systems can also be used in mission critical areas where very early detection of fire is vital.

Wireless detection technology is growing and becoming widely accepted. By utilizing this technology, devices can be placed within areas without disrupting or destroying significant historical or architectural features as well as save installation time and money.

Gasses such as Carbon Monoxide, Ammonia, Chlorine, Hydrogen Sulfide, Carbon Dioxide, etc. require specialized detection in industrial, hospitality, senior living apartments and commercial environments. Call tech electronics today to determine if code or legislation requires gas detection in your facility.

Due to the increase of high frequency hearing loss in the aging population, the code now mandates low-frequency sounders in commercial buildings with sleeping areas.


System Solutions & Networks

As businesses and facilities expand, so must the fire and life safety systems that protect people and properties. Networked fire alarm systems allow expansion from one panel too many panels and from one building to an entire campus, providing observation and control from a single point. The ability to adapt to rapidly changing needs and provide complete control over fire alarm systems makes the flexible networking solutions from Tech Electronics ideal for any business.


NFPA-72 Central Station Service

Authorities Having Jurisdiction (AHJ) require third-party certification, such as UL or FM, of installed fire alarm systems within their communities. These programs help to reduce false alarms ensuring that systems are properly maintained and serviced. In addition, comply with nationally recognized codes and standards, making your building and community a safer place.

Tech Electronics is certified by Underwriters Laboratories (UL) to provide UUJS and UUFX Certificates as required by your local AHJ. Central station service requirements vary by municipality or fire district. Check with your local AHJ or Fire Marshal for applicable requirements for your area.