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A New Secure Network for a New Year

A New Secure Network for a New Year

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SonicWall's End of Year 3 & Free

With cyber-attacks being the biggest security threat to small and medium businesses, having an up-to-date Firewall with the ability to protect your data is mission critical. Therefore, if cyber security hasn’t been a top priority, we suggest making it your #1 business New Year’s resolution. Luckily, we have an offer that will make this New Year’s resolution easy to achieve.

Now through January 26th 2018, you will get a free SonicWall firewall system upgrade when you buy a 3 year Advanced Gateway Security Suite (AGSS) license.

How it works?

  • Have a TZ100 or TZ105? Upgrade to a TZ300 for the price of a 3-Year AGSS license.
  • Have a TZ200 or TZ205? Upgrade to a TZ400 for the price of a 3-Year AGSS license.
  • Have a TZ210, TZ215, NSA 220, or NSA 240? Upgrade to a TZ500 for the price of a 3-Year AGSS license

What do you need to know?

  • Buy a 3-Year License AGSS and your hardware is free
  • Upgrades will be validated by serial number
  • Your account manager will provide the final verification of eligibility

Here is the cold hard truth, 43% of cyber-attacks target small and medium business. Don’t let 2018 be the year it happens to you by taking advantage of the SonicWall’s End of Year 3 & Free promotion.

Don’t have a Sonicwall Firewall now, but want to learn about some exciting offers available for you to upgrade your protection? We have upgrade offers available for you too!

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