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    Security Systems

    Security Systems

    Tech Electronics makes your safety our top priority

    With more and more incidents occurring in businesses and communities across the country, residential and commercial security systems have become expected and are relied on to protect not only property but lives. Established in 1963, Tech Electronics has earned a reputation as an industry leader. Our team provides comprehensive systems ranging from single-door access control devices to multi-tiered integrated access, intrusion, security cameras and other surveillance solutions.

    We partner with the leading manufacturers to assure reliable and comprehensive security solutions that represent the latest technological advances. Also, Tech is staffed with sales, design, service, and engineering teams that can custom-design and deliver specialized security cameras that will meet your unique needs and stay within budget.

    “The customized security solution provided by Tech Electronics delivers the performance we need with fewer security cameras and can be easily integrated into our existing network for cost savings in installation, maintenance, and expansion.”
    Dave Statler
    Center Grove Community School Corporation

    The safety of your property, staff, and visitors is priceless. Let Tech Electronics design a security solution that meets your needs and doesn’t break the bank.

    Access Control

    When it comes to accurately identifying and controlling access for your facility’s employees and visitors, Tech Electronics is the company to call. Offering a wide-range of customizable solutions, Tech gives clients the ability to secure their facility. Whether it is designing and installing a one-door access control system or managing an integrated enterprise-level solution, our security team will recommend the most applicable, comprehensive, and cost-effective solution based on your needs. Tech also provides service, monitoring, and maintenance, giving you peace of mind after installation.

    Intrusion Detection

    Intrusion detection solutions designed by Tech Electronics offer the peace of mind that is needed when securing your facility.  These sophisticated systems often include multiple devices such as access control and motion detectors that can even integrate with other systems such as video surveillance and monitoring.  From concept and design to installation and service, Tech offers full intrusion detection solutions which are sure to provide the elevated level of safety that is required for your facility.

    Video Surveillance

    Video Surveillance is no longer just used to review video of an incident after it has occurred. These highly evolved and sophisticated solutions offer analytics that can detect and warn you of behaviors that could lead to an event. Tech Electronics specializes in designing, installing, monitoring, and servicing video surveillance solutions for virtually any type of facility, large or small. Utilizing the latest technology provided by our top tier manufacturers, our specialists work together with clients to guarantee a custom-made solution sure to fit both the strictest budget and performance requirements.