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We all spend a little extra time out of the office over the Holidays leaving the safety of your business up to your security system. During the 12 Days of Christmas, we will bring you 12 DIY tips to ensure your security system is working at fully capacity.

Day 1: Your doors should close and lock properly – Doors that do not close properly leave your people and property unprotected. Check the door closer, does the door fully close? Does the door rub the threshold or hit the door frame? Make sure it latches and locks.

Day 2: Check if locking devices are working correctly Check your door strikes and mag lock. Are the screws tight? Do they wobble or rattle? Use your access card at each door to ensure they all unlock and re-secure properly.

Day 3: Run your access credentials – Run a report to find out which access credentials haven’t been used in the last six months or a year. You don’t want any of these people just showing up and gaining access to your facility. Delete any old, unused cards from your system. 

Day 4: Check your recording availability – Are you getting the needed retention time from your recordings? Check your recorded video for the oldest available recordings. Make changes to picture resolution, compression and frame rate to increase recorded video storage time.

Day 5: Check your recorder’s UPS battery – A UPS is a critical component of your security system. It is also one of the most common failure points due to weak or bad backup batteries. Most UPS’s have a battery check function. Check and test your UPS battery on a regular basis.

Day 6: Have you cleaned your cameras recently – Check each camera for a clear picture. Is there dirt or debris in the picture? Be sure to check the images after dark or playback overnight footage. Make sure cameras are in perfect focus. Clean and focus cameras as needed.

Day 7: Are your cameras aimed accurately – Check the views to be sure the cameras are looking at what is important. Are they viewing the sky or ceiling? Are the level? Re-aim cameras to eliminate unimportant areas.

Day 8: Check alarm zones for functionality – Open each door, walk past each motion detector while someone else is at the keypad to verify all zones are working.

Day 9: Obstructions can set off false alarms – Has anything been placed in front of motion detector, like Christmas decorations that may block the view or cause a false alarm?

Day 10: Detection devices should be nice and clean – Be sure that all motion detectors, glass break detectors and photo eyes are free from dust and cobwebs. Spiders and insects are very small but when they crawl across a motion detector lens they look like a truck driving through your office.

Day 11: Make sure to test your system’s battery – While you are testing the system, unplug the AC Transformer and let the system run on battery only. Your Central Station will be able to verify the AC Loss signal and the AC Loss Reset. Be sure to plus the AC Transformer back into the outlet when finished testing.

Day 12: Check your system in its entirety – Call your monitoring center to advise them you are going to test the system. Arm your system then open a door or activate a motion detector to set off the alarm. Call the monitoring center to verify they received the signals.

Don’t have time for DIY? Fill out the below and we will come check your security system. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter for more tips!

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