With both Missouri and Indiana legislators making renewed pushes for marijuana legalization, cannabis is again a hot topic in the Midwest. With this being the case, prospective business-owners are likely looking once again at jumping into the world of cannabis entrepreneurship, from dispensaries to grow houses and extraction facilities.

While potentially very lucrative, the cannabis market is also extremely competitive. Business owners need to have every box checked, not only to differentiate themselves and get ahead, but simply to survive in an industry that is likely to advance quickly in the coming years.

In today’s world, that means having a good technology partner. Whether it’s daily operations or safety and security, a cannabis business has numerous technological needs to consider when getting started. Here are a few of the solutions a capable technology partner can help with.

  1.  Video SurveillanceRegulations vary, but most municipalities require cannabis businesses to have video surveillance systems in any location where product will be handled, as well as secure on and off-site backup. Savvy technology providers will be intimately familiar with the regulations in the area, and have the expertise necessary to customize a solution for the building/space. 
  2. Managed Wi-Fi – A functional wireless network is a must-have for any business these days, cannabis-related or otherwise. A managed Wi-Fi subscription provides reliable wireless coverage throughout the space, as well as future upgrades and maintenance, for an affordable monthly fee. 
  3. Digital Signage – Contrary to any notion about “stoner businesses,” customers expect dispensaries to be sleek, modern spaces that are efficient, intuitive, and shoppable. Digital signage can be used to display menus, special items and graphics, as well as to facilitate customer check-in or display queues. 
  4. Clean Agent Fire Suppression – For businesses that feature fire hazards, like grow-houses or extraction facilities, it is a good investment to go above and beyond the code-required sprinkler systems and fire suppression solutions. A clean-agent system helps ensure that people and property are protected; not just the building itself. 
  5. Intrusion Detection – Another technology required by regulations in most areas is intrusion detection, usually in the form of motion sensors, or door/window contact sensors. As the cannabis industry is a frequent target for after-hours burglaries, this isn’t the solution to skimp on. When it comes to security, it pays to go the extra mile.