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When building a facility from the ground up, there are a lot of things to consider. Is your new building equipped with necessary fire alarms? Do you have a dedicated team to take care of the maintenance, servicing, testing and monitoring of all of your fire alarm systems? Tech Electronics of Denver, CO is here to help you accomplish these very important tasks that come about with any number of new construction projects. We have experience working with all levels and all positions associated with the construction of a new facility.

  • Who we work with:
    • Architects/Engineers
    • Construction Managers
    • General Contractors
    • Electrical Contractors
In order to accomplish a highly collaborative working relationship, it’s important that there are systems in place to keep everyone’s thoughts and deadlines streamlined and proactive. Tech Electronics of Denver is known for our organized approach when working with contractors and construction companies to ensure that the doors of your new facility open into a fully protected, safe and cutting edge building with extensive technological capabilities.
  • Plan/Specs
  • Bid Design
  • Negotiated
  • Design/Build

Technologies & Services

Fire Alarm Systems

Fire alarm systems are typically out-of-sight, out-of-mind and only thought of when disaster strikes. Luckily, they are top of mind at Tech. By partnering with leading manufacturers, Tech Electronics delivers the latest technologies to help provide early detection to better protect life and property. UL-Listed (Underwriters Laboratories) and armed with a staff of engineers and industry-recognized NICET certified representatives, Tech Electronics’ team delivers proper fire alarm installation met with exact design to give you a peace of mind.


Public Safety DAS

Today, wireless communication within the majority of buildings has become not only expected, but in many instances mandatory. The general public no longer accepts poor cellular coverage in large facilities such as hospitals, schools, office buildings, stadiums, etc. First responders also rely on these systems to improve two-way connectivity throughout a facility. At Tech Electronics, our qualified designers understand the components and required frequencies that go into this complex system. Whether your facility has poor cellular connectivity or inhibits the radio performance of emergency responders, a DAS system from Tech Electronics provides the power of connection and protection.

  • Distributed Antenna System  
  • Emergency Responder Communication Systems
  • Emergency Responder Radio Coverage

Security Systems

No matter what industry you are in, commercial security systems have become expected and are relied on to protect not only property but lives. Established in 1963, Tech Electronics has earned a reputation as an industry leader. Our team provides comprehensive systems ranging from single-door access control devices to multi-tiered integrated access, intrusion, security cameras, and other surveillance solutions.


“Tech Electronics is one of the few Notifier Dealers serving Colorado, and after using the other guys for a while, I found I wasn’t receiving the kind of service I expected. As the Fire and Life Safety Coordinator for several health care occupancies in Northern Colorado, I needed a service provider that wasn’t trying to make a quick sale and move on. I made the switch to Tech Electronics after my previous Notifier Dealer was not able to resolve the issues with my ONYXWorks workstation. Instead of repairing my current system they suggested a new system costing over $10,000 with a two-week delay. I went to Tech Electronics for a second opinion, and my system was back in business the next day for a third of the cost. The technicians, support staff, and salespeople at Tech Electronics are knowledgeable, professional, friendly and punctual. They provide honest and competitive pricing. I am very pleased and will continue to use Tech Electronics for my fire alarm needs.”

R. Marc WebberFire and Life Safety Coordinator - Environmental Health & Safety