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5 of Today’s Biggest Technology Challenges, and How to Solve Them

By February 17, 2021February 24th, 2021No Comments

As recently as a couple of decades ago, few could have imagined how integral technology has become in running a business today. Technology enables day to day operations, empowers communication, and protects people and property. But for all the good it does for our businesses, technology can also introduce difficulties, whether practical, financial or otherwise.

Call us idealistic, but we believe your technology should always be a help rather than a hindrance for your business. With that in mind, here are some of the most common technology challenges in today’s business world and how to solve them.

  1. Unmanageable Cost of Ownership – Whether it’s malfunctioning equipment that requires repairs or obsolete technology that needs to be replaced, owning technology has always come at a cost. And of course, the more technology your business relies on, the more cost you incur as a result.
  2. Poor Implementation/Adoption Phase – Nothing is worse than migrating or upgrading to a new technology that is supposed to help your business run more smoothly, only to have it cause new problems. Things like poor compatibility with existing technology infrastructure or lack of familiarity with new systems can make for a painful implementation process.
  3. Lack of Dedicated Attention – How much of your daily routine includes time set aside for making sure your technology is working at full capacity? Many businesses lack the bandwidth and resources to proactively detect and address potential issues with their technology. If issues aren’t addressed proactively, they must be addressed reactively, which means downtime.
  4. Information Security Risks – As the internet plays an increasingly large role in the way we conduct business, cybersecurity vulnerabilities come with it. Worse, cybercriminals are constantly finding new ways to wreak havoc for business owners. When network security isn’t your area of expertise, keeping up with the bad guys can be a daunting task.
  5. Burden of Adaptation – You almost certainly know numerous people who transitioned from working in an office to a remote environment nearly overnight at some point in the past year. This is indicative of just how quickly the world can change these days. When the next sea change occurs, how comfortable are you that your business will be well-equipped to adapt?

The Solution

Fortunately, these issues all share a single common solution: a partnership with a capable Technology as a Service provider. TaaS keeps expenses predictable and affordable, with a monthly fee rather than large capital purchases. With support from a strong managed services provider, implementation is smooth and simple, and proactive monitoring and maintenance are a reality rather than a pipe dream.

Managed firewall and other IT-related as-a-Service offerings will help keep your increasingly integrated network safe from intruders. Finally, when industry changes demand that businesses evolve, strategic partnerships with technology providers become all the more valuable. A partner with a finger on the pulse of the technological world can help anticipate your business’s needs and keep you ahead of the curve, rather than scrambling to catch up.