By: Kevin White

Today, we see more solutions becoming wireless and more customers wanting their solutions to be wireless, even when it comes to their security. While there are advantages and disadvantages to following the wireless trend the latest trend in wireless solutions could save your business time and money while delivering the highest level of security.

Wireless lock technology offers the same real-time communication as wired access control systems without the inconvenience of hard wiring the door. The locks have become more sophisticated, thus allowing for an easier installation process. Since there is no wiring to the door, it acts as a door controller, door monitor and card reader all in one. With some access control systems, damage to the infrastructure cabling can compromise security.

As a security technology expert, there are three main reasons I recommend my customers migrate to wireless access control and locks.

  1. Cost-Effectiveness – Time is money, by saving time during installation and avoiding running wires and cables, customers can realize monetary savings. Also, the flexibility and scalability of wireless locks eliminate to cost of retrofitting wires when adding doors to the existing system.
  2. Ease of Installation – Installing cabling through old buildings can be time-consuming, difficult and in some cases, such as historic buildings, it may not even be an option. By implementing wireless lock technology, there is little to no interruption in day-to-day operations.
  3. Remote Coverage – Wireless locks can be installed easily in new or existing buildings where wiring or cabling can be difficult to maneuver. For example, storage buildings, remote pedestrian gates or vehicle gates. By implementing wireless locks, you can eliminate underground conduits and cables.

Although there are many benefits in implementing wireless locks, it is important to know that wireless lock technology is not a one size fits all solutions. For example, doors with high frequency, such as primary doors, are not always good candidates. Due to the number of lock cycles, the battery life on high trafficked doors decreases. However, integrating your wired access control solution with a wireless solution is cost-effective to increase security.