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Four tips for Taking Care of Your Network in 2021

At this point, it probably goes without saying that 2020 was a year full of challenges. However, conventional wisdom dictates that a new year means renewed opportunities for improvement, and that applies to your business as well.

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Tech’s Top Tips For Securing Your Business This Holiday Season

With the holidays quickly approaching, many business owners will be looking forward to shutting up shop for a few days, and spending quality time with loved ones. A word to the wise, however: property crimes like burglary, robbery and larceny peak during the holidays. Businesses left underprepared could fall victim to opportunistic thieves – no quicker way to ruin the holiday spirit!

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A Cloud VoIP Platform Is a Key COVID-19 Solution

By: Laura Wasson, Executive of Voice Technologies

A number of technologies have come to the forefront of the business landscape during the pandemic, and many of them focus on one key goal: improved communication. As the second wave of the surges and businesses are faced with changes and logistical hurdles at every turn, the importance of this goal is increasingly apparent.

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Three Tips For Choosing A Managed Services Provider

“Managed Services” might feel like another momentary buzzword in the technology marketplace but make no mistake, it isn’t a short-term trend. Managed services are here to stay because of the numerous advantages they provide over the traditional technology ownership model. 

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Four Tech Tips to Help Your Business During COVID’s Second Wave

Many business owners had just gotten back on track and started tentatively planning for the post-COVID future when the 2nd wave of the pandemic struck and disrupted things all over again. It is impossible to know exactly what the future holds, and difficult to predict when things will return to “business as usual,” but that doesn’t mean the world stops moving. 

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Technology as a Service is the Future of Building Technology

By: Kurt Canova, President of Tech Electronics

At surface level, nearly all business owners and decision makers understand that adaptability is a useful trait – at least enough to pay lip-service to the idea of pursuing it. Buzzwords and phrases like “nimble,” “agile” and “turn on a dime” are nearly inescapable in the business world these days. But when the rubber meets the road, it is often human nature to emphasize comfort and familiarity, and lean on pre-existing plans.

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Conference Room as a Service: Modernizing Meetings

By, Joe Dorsey, Director of Professional Audio Visual Technologies

In today’s increasingly connected world, collaboration is at the heart of any commercial business, no matter what good or service you provide. Teams often need to share ideas and iterate from separate offices in different states and sometimes different countries. Customers are accustomed to seeing high-quality presentations and giving direct feedback.

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Digital Signage: An Essential Healthcare Solution for COVID and Beyond

By: Laura Wasson, Executive Director of Healthcare

When the first wave of COVID-19 hit, the healthcare industry faced numerous logistical challenges. Much of the national discussion focused on the number of available personnel, beds, ventilators, and tests. One of the biggest hurdles, however, was preventing coronavirus spread within the healthcare facilities themselves.

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Network Security Solutions for Your Post-COVID Remote Workforce

By: Adam Baer, Director of IT Services

One unforeseen ripple effect of the COVID-19 pandemic has been that businesses everywhere are rethinking the traditional office model. Experts believe that while many companies have transitioned to remote or semi-remote workforces out of necessity, this period is likely to serve as the new normal.

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How Technology Can Help Higher Education Rise to the Challenge of COVID-19

By: Jeff Watson, Director of Tech Electronics of Indiana

As COVID-19 cases surge, numerous industries face increasing uncertainty heading into the fall, including higher education. Some schools remain cautiously optimistic about the prospect of reopening with in-person classes in the coming semester. On the other hand, an increasing number of universities are .

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