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Fighting the LTC amenities war with superior wireless service

By June 24, 2016February 24th, 2021No Comments

It’s a new world for long-term care providers, and the competition is fierce. As digitally connected children search for homes for their aging baby boomer parents, a technically inclined generation themselves, LTC decision makers have found themselves actively engaged in an amenities war. One amenity game-changer is facility-wide quality, wireless coverage – from dining rooms to individual apartments.

When offering a robust network capable of providing end-to-end wireless coverage as a convenience, we recommend a system capable of adjusting to the ever changing radio frequencies in your facility. The RF fingerprint in your facility can change from day to day based on the number of people, interference from machinery such as HVAC, and rogue wireless devices brought in by guests, to name a few. A business-grade wireless system is capable of monitoring these sources of interference and making adjustments to the network to continue to provide a positive user experience.

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