Many business owners had just gotten back on track and started tentatively planning for the post-COVID future when the 2nd wave of the pandemic struck and disrupted things all over again. It is impossible to know exactly what the future holds, and difficult to predict when things will return to “business as usual,” but that doesn’t mean the world stops moving. 

Many businesses planned on getting by using temporary fixes during the initial outbreak, and are now looking at more permanent solutions to some of the long-term issues highlighted by the pandemic. As such, here are four technology solutions that Tech recommends, both for the second wave and beyond:

    1. Remote Network Access Appliances – A remote workforce shouldn’t mean limited access to your network and necessary applications. It also shouldn’t mean assuming extra cybersecurity risk. If like most businesses, you need full access to your network, secure access gateways are a crucial business continuity solution.
    2. Cloud-Based VoIP – Disruptions to communication with teammates and customers can cause any business to hit a snag. With VoIP platforms like TECHcloud Voice from Tech Electronics, accessing your “office” phone from anywhere with an internet connection is effortless, no matter how far from the office you actually are.
    3. Conference Room as a Service – With many businesses transitioning to hybrid workforces (with limited numbers of employees in the office and many working remotely), hybrid meetings are becoming more common. CRaaS allows businesses to collaborate seamlessly using top-of-the-line presentation technology and conferencing platforms, at a low monthly cost. 
    4. Remote Guarding – unoccupied (or under-occupied) buildings face a greater security threat than occupied buildings, and many companies are facing tighter security budgets. Remote Guarding leverages existing security infrastructure to proactively monitor your building, with live agents on standby to intervene and notify authorities in the event of intrusion.

The uncertainty of this moment is an intimidating challenge for any business, but staying equipped with the best business continuity solutions available will stand you in good stead. At Tech Electronics, we will never stop striving to help you stay safe and stay connected, and dealing with the difficulties of the moment is no exception. Contact us today to see how we can help.