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Fire Alarm

Honeywell CLSS Platform is Fire Alarm’s Next Great Leap Forward

By June 18, 2021No Comments

For decades, the fire alarm industry has been known for minimal adaptation. While other systems have become increasingly complex, powerful, and integrated, the fire alarm panel and its associated peripherals have been making slight variations on the same technology for years. As a result, it performs its role in protecting people and property exceptionally well but does it very inconspicuously.

Now, however, the industry is buzzing due to an innovation that, at long last, is bringing the fire alarm into the digital age. Honeywell’s Connected Life Safety Services (CLSS) platform provides unprecedented user-friendliness and visibility into your fire safety solutions. This all-in-one cloud solution means that for the first time, your fire alarm system offers not only safety and security but simplicity as well. 

CLSS Makes Compliance Easy

You know your system has been inspected, but if you needed to prove compliance tomorrow, how confident are you that you would be able to find the inspection documents, and how quickly? For many businesses, the common answer is somewhere along the lines of “I know it’s around here somewhere…” or “We always kept it in this folder, where did it go?” Additionally, in a world full of increasingly sophisticated cybersecurity threats, no business owner wants to risk compromising sensitive data about their building’s life safety solutions. 

With CLSS, these issues are a thing of the past. CLSS automatically captures testing activity, and provides convenient access to the necessary reports (with full audit trail) saved in secure cloud storage, eliminating the risk of misplacing or accidentally deleting them and protecting them against cyberattacks.

Many businesses or facilities task a single person with the responsibility for the fire alarm and other similar concerns. This creates a potential issue if that employee retires or is unreachable, and their method of organization isn’t clear for the people left responsible in their absence. With CLSS, these succession and business continuity challenges do not exist because anyone with access to the platform can pull reports within seconds. 

Greater Visibility and Insight

Given that fire systems are often treated as “out of sight, out of mind,” potential issues often go unnoticed and are allowed to become real problems. With a connected platform, it’s easier for business owners and facilities managers to manage their system, avoid downtime and unexpected expenses proactively.

With accurate forecasting of life cycle maintenance costs, you can make informed decisions about scheduling predictive maintenance. Then, with increased visibility into operations, you can monitor your system’s performance with real-time insights and respond appropriately in the event of an incident (fire, fault, or otherwise). And for the first time, with the CLSS application, you no longer need to be at the physical location of the panel to access this information.

This way, whatever the future holds, business owners are set up to make decisions from a position of strength rather than dealing with unwanted surprises. 

The Clear Way Forward

These days, nearly every piece of technology in your building comes with a connected app aimed at providing greater utility and convenience. Now, your fire alarm does too. When it comes to your life safety solutions, every new development should offer an advantage in ease-of-use, efficiency, or most importantly, safety. In this case, CLSS offers all three at once.

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