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Tech Electronics is a premier source for today’s most advanced cloud technology. As a full-service technology management partner, we’re committed to delivering services that decrease downtime and increase productivity. With Tech Electronics, you can expect custom solutions that help your employees work smarter, and collaborate more effectively.

With industry leading Voice as a Service offerings, we have you covered with the resources that make sense for your unique business model. With our Voice as a Service communication business platforms, you now have a partner to help you proactively manage and maintain your phone systems with 24/7 monitoring.

As a trusted managed system solutions partner in Springfield, MO, Tech Electronics simplifies your communication and collaboration systems so you can focus on your business.


There are countless advantages to migrating your systems to the cloud, one being the cost savings. Click here to register for a free technology audit to see how we can significantly reduce your phone bills.

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How Voice as a Service Can Benefit Your Springfield, MO Business

Voice as a Service offers flexible solutions for your business to effectively manage communication — with the added protection of 24/7 proactive monitoring for a monthly payment. When you migrate to the cloud, you provide seamless connectivity to your customers with the mobility your team needs.

Benefits of using voice services include:

  • Less Stress – You can experience the same call quality, reliability, and scalability of an on-premise system without the responsibility of having to manage server hardware, power, backups, upgrades, programming, etc.
  • Cost-Effective Bill Consolidation – You can eliminate your current carrier phone bill and utilize the newest devices for one, low monthly price (with NO upfront cost).
  • Unified Communications – You can stay connected no matter where you are. Twin your office phone with your mobile phone so you never miss a call, and even if you do, voicemails go directly to your email inbox.
  • Hassle-Free Staff Management – You can quickly and seamlessly perform any personnel moves, adds, or changes by contacting us with your request at no additional charge.

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