By: Adam Baer, Director of IT Services

A world where everything is connected is a world with endless possibilities, for better and for worse. Your network unlocks the potential of your business, helping it to function more efficiently. Unfortunately, it also opens you up to cybersecurity threats, which are constantly evolving and finding new ways to attack your business.

Everyone is aware of the pressing need to stay ahead of the curve but doing so requires either a dedicated IT department or a lot of extra resources. The majority of small business owners have access to neither. Most people can hardly understand cybersecurity threats, to begin with, let alone stay up on the latest security exploits, malware, phishing schemes, and more.

If keeping your business protected against cybersecurity threats seems impossible, that’s because it is – if you’re trying to do it alone, anyway. For the peace of mind that only true security can bring, a Managed Firewall subscription from Tech Electronics is the answer.

Proactive Threat Management
At some point, every business owner needs to confront the reality that more devices on their network means more potential entry points for the bad guys. Every laptop, desktop, or smartphone that is connected represents a possible vulnerability. To make matters worse, even with good training, it is difficult or impossible to guarantee that every employee will exercise safe browsing habits.

A Managed Firewall subscription offers protection from even the most sophisticated intrusion techniques, viruses, and even “zero-day” exploits (vulnerabilities for which a fix has not yet been discovered). Virtual sandboxing is used to automatically test incoming files in a safe, quarantined environment, without risking harm to the network.

Better still, as a user of a managed service, you never have to worry about security updates, firmware, or software. Managed Firewall is a hands-off service. Your trusted technology partner handles the legwork of keeping your defenses up to date, affording you the freedom to focus on what matters most to you: your business.

Optimizing for Performance
We’ve all experienced what it’s like when a network gets bogged down by bottlenecks. You can pay for 1,000 Megabit-per-second fiber-optic internet connection, but if your firewall is only equipped to scan 100, your network’s performance will tank. When you rely on your network for everyday operations, you can’t afford to be waiting around for your firewall to do its job. With Managed Firewall, there is no such issue; as our service is designed to accommodate organizations and networks of all shapes and sizes.

Furthermore, unauthorized employee web activity and unnecessary video streaming can substantially decrease network performance. With a Managed Firewall subscription, you determine how your network is used. Your technology provider can allocate greater bandwidth to high-priority applications and less to non-essential ones, and keep your network running at peak capacity.

A Practical Solution that Makes Sense
When it comes to protecting their network, small business owners often feel forced into an impossible choice. On the one hand, there is too little security: perhaps some out-of-the-box antivirus software, and not much more. On the other hand, there are impractical alternatives: an expensive firewall the user is not trained for, and endless software updates. This option puts a strain on both their time and their wallet.

With a Managed Firewall subscription from Tech, you never have to worry about too little protection, too much work, or unreasonable costs. Instead, you purchase a plan that addresses your needs, fits into your budget, and provides you peace of mind.

The firewall, service, updates and upgrades are built into a single affordable package, available for a nominal monthly fee. To give your business the protection it needs at a cost that makes sense for you, contact Tech about a Managed Firewall subscription today.