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Marion County Sheriff’s Office Boosts Security with New High-Definition Video Surveillance System By Tech Electronics

Marion County Sheriff’s Department

To create a safe and secure environment for county employees and the public, utilizing state of the art technology.

Tech Electronics partners with Avigilon to design and install cutting-edge HD cameras throughout areas under Marion County Sheriff’s Department protection.

Avigilon’s proactive monitoring and fast forensic video searching has effectively expedited internal investigations.


The Marion County Sheriff’s Office (MCSO) provides law enforcement services for the people of Indianapolis and Marion County. This includes managing the county’s jails and prisoners, securing all county government facilities, serving and enforcing court orders, executing property sales, and more.

However, one of the most important aspects of their responsibilities is securing City-County government facilities and protecting the people of their beloved County.  One aspect of security technology they relied on was an old, antiquated single server surveillance system that had no redundancy on recording, poor resolution and was not user-friendly.

“We had an analog system that was implemented in the Spring of 2005.  Viewing live and recorded footage was extremely challenging for our staff; the quality was less than optimal,” said Derek Peterson, Chief Information Officer at Marion County Sheriff’s Office.

Once they identified the need for a more advanced surveillance system to further protect its employees and facilities, they began looking at all their options.


After researching video surveillance solutions, decision-makers at MCSO chose Avigilon because it came highly recommended across various public safety platforms due to its self-learning analytics and back-end technology. The high-definition and megapixel video surveillance system offers superior image quality, extended storage capabilities, and advanced management features. It seemed to be the perfect solution to fit their needs.

The next step was to look for a technology solutions provider that would have the capability to install such a system in an efficient and timely manner.

“We went through a competitive process where multiple proposals were received, and Tech Electronics was the winner. They brought to the table a proven track record of successful implementations,” said Peterson.

Thus, a successful partnership was forged and nurtured over the course of these last several months.

“To deliver a higher level of security we replaced the lower level and first-floor cameras of the City-County building, added cameras in the intake area of the county jail and retrofitted a few existing cameras to integrate with the Avigilon system, saving the county money. We also outfitted the new public gathering spot constructed outside the City-County building, Lugar Plaza, with state-the-art cameras,” said Joel Staples, Account Manager for Tech Electronics.

According to Peterson, the installation of the system went smoothly, and any issues that occurred were handled promptly and accurately by the Tech Electronics team.


With the support of Tech Electronics, the Marion County Sheriff’s Office can now effectively address areas of concern and better protect their government facilities. Avigilon’s search capabilities and powerful functionality make it easier to search, identify, and playback video that can be useful in many different applications. Furthermore, with Motorola’s recent acquisition of Avigilon the Sheriff’s Offices’ radio networks and dispatch command center will integrate with the new video surveillance solution for better dispatch and response.

“To say the new system revolutionized our video security is an understatement.  Having HD quality footage coupled with advanced analytics and searching capabilities has made our staff’s lives much easier,” said Colonel William Gigerich, Executive Officer and Commander of the Judicial Enforcement Division at Marion County Sheriff’s Office.

Configured for full redundancy and automatic failover, the new solution delivers the reliability needed to ensure the ongoing security of MCSO’s employees and the overall community.


The people at Marion County Sheriff’s Office were impressed with Tech’s team’s dedication to their full satisfaction.

“Working with Tech Electronics was fantastic! We continue to work with them for various other projects, which includes upgrading the City-County access control system. They are very knowledgeable and responsive making them a great partner to the sheriff’s office,” said Peterson.