October is National Cyber Security Awareness Month and we are getting involved. As a technology services organization, our experts want to help raise awareness on the realities of cyber-attacks. The fact is that a cyber-attack can happen to anyone and to any business, no matter the size, everyone and everything is a target. In fact, statistics show that over 44% of small businesses reported being the victim of a cyber-attack, costing them an average of $9,000 per attack. Statistics also show that almost 59% of SMB owners do not have a contingency plan for when they experience a data breach.

Our goal is to help equip small and medium-sized business owners with the tools and knowledge to better protect their data network. To do so, Tech Electronics and our cyber security experts will be posting tips and tricks for  business owners to implement that can better protect their business network. From technology services dedicated to helping secure your business network to methods on to establish a culture of cyber security –  follow us on twitter at @Tech_Elec or @adambaer101

Help us reach more people and win a cyber security t-shirt by re-tweeting our experts tips and using #TECyber during National Cyber Security Awareness Month. To find out how else you can get involved with National Cyber Security Awareness Month click here