Technology Solutions for the K-12 Campus

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Today, school administrators are concerned about mobile learning initiatives, network capacity demands and security breaches. New initiatives such as Common Core online assessments and one-to-one learning programs require a robust network. Students are using devices like Chromebooks for everyday class work, and teachers are relying on the network for lesson plans and testing. As the need for a reliable network becomes more vital for the students and staff, the health and safety of the network become more critical. The demand for a more secure network is even more apparent with the recent headlines. Hackers are targeting schools to acquire student and staffs information which is increasing the concern of security breaches for many school administrators. Luckily, there are network solutions available to alleviate the concerns of security breaches while meeting the network capacity and mobile learning demands. Solutions such as the latest product offering from SonicWALL-Next Generation Firewall (NGFW).  

  • Comprehensive Security – Advanced Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) combining IPS, AV, Content Filtering and Anti-malware.
  • E-rate eligible products – Reduce capital expenditure with e-rate eligible Firewall solutions.
  • Mobile Learning – on-campus/off-campus web filtering.
  • Greater Visibility and Control – Gain real-time insight into network activity of students, staff, applications and bandwidth consumption.
  • Flexible remote access – the only Next-Gen firewall that does not rely on a 3rd party app, providing native VPN remote access clients for Windows, iOS, Mac OS X, Chrome OS, Android and Linux devices.
  • Capture ATP – Cloud based multi-engine sandboxing service with “block until verdict” support 

More than half of websites today are encrypted using basic SSL encryption. This encryption makes it difficult to visualize and control your user’s traffic without additional tools to encrypt and decrypt. SonicWALL puts this power in your hands with its unique Deep Packet Inspection of Secure Socket Layer (DPI-SSL)

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