By: Alex Wasson, Director of Security

With stay-at-home orders enacted and millions of Americans sheltering in place, buildings across the states are currently sitting unoccupied. Many businesses are turning their attention to security as we navigate this uncertain time, and with good reason. Studies show the longer a building remains unoccupied, the more susceptible it is to security risks like break-ins, theft and vandalism.

Can you take for granted that your unoccupied building is, in fact, unoccupied? If your security solutions are not up to date or are lacking adequate coverage, your building and its contents may be at risk during this extended absence.

As much as anything, security is a peace of mind industry. With that in mind, there’s no better time to re-evaluate your security profile and make sure you’re prepared for the road ahead.

Adapting to the Times
Video surveillance has become fairly commonplace these days, and it feels unusual to enter an office building without some form of access control. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean that the solutions in place are always adequate, especially under unique circumstances like the current moment.

In older surveillance packages with primarily single-sensor cameras, coverage is often lacking. Doors and other typical points of entry are usually well covered, but ground-floor windows and other potential vulnerabilities are frequently neglected. Without the normal occupancy of the building, this becomes a greater issue.

However, even if your building has adequate camera coverage and access control, it does little good if those systems can only be accessed and managed using terminals inside the office building itself. Older systems tied to a single computer unit are becoming obsolete, and for good reason.

More modern solutions allow you to perform tasks like monitoring surveillance feeds, repositioning cameras, or modifying access control routines from the convenience of a smartphone or other connected device. With these technologies, you never have to leave your building’s security up to chance, even when you’re confined to your house.

Edgeworth is There When You Can’t Be
A growing technology that is filling in the gaps of even the most advanced video surveillance is Edgeworth Security’s Remote Guarding. Remote Guarding is a cutting-edge, cost-effective alternative or supplement to traditional human security guards, and it is ideally suited to the challenges of the moment.

With Remote Guarding, cameras constantly monitor the designated areas, without any risk of human error. Cameras use advanced analytics to detect abnormalities and determine whether action is necessary. If an intruder is detected, the system automatically notifies a live security agent, who then reviews footage and assesses the threat.

If action is necessary, the agent warns the intruder through 110 dB speakers, and notifies law enforcement, passing along all evidence. A majority of all incidents are neutralized through this voice down tactic, allowing suspects to be apprehended.

Some businesses may not be ready to commit to remote guarding, but still looking to temporarily reinforce their security profile on a budget. For these customers, Edgeworth is offering two short-term solutions during the Coronavirus crisis: Rover Patrol Plus, and Tech Check Plus.

Rover Patrol Plus leverages existing surveillance infrastructure, allowing agents to perform virtual sweeps of the building at regular intervals, testing the equipment for proper functionality along the way. In the event of any incident, the agent can escalate the matter to law enforcement or facility management, and full livestreaming of the event is available to any authorized user.

Tech Check Plus allows Edgeworth agents to perform routine virtual inspections of security equipment, ensuring that any potential vulnerability is brought to your attention and addressed. Camera malfunctions, recording problems, obstructions and other similar issues can render even the most high-tech surveillance package useless. Tech Check Plus offers you peace of mind, knowing that your system is operating at full capacity.

A Trustworthy Partner is Essential
In a technology solutions partner, one of the best abilities is availability. As a designated essential business, Tech Electronics is still working hard to meet customers’ needs during this pandemic. While fully complying with CDC guidelines, our representatives are still conducting site surveys and helping customers evaluate their security strengths and weaknesses, whether in person or remotely.

Furthermore, even in this challenging moment, we are holding to the same principles that guide us as a technology provider in the best of times. Our priority is taking care of our customers, not scare tactics and quick sales. When it comes to security, that means making sure you have everything that you need, and nothing that you don’t.

Contact us today to discuss how Tech can help protect your business.