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    A Superior Sound Solution for an Exceptional Music Education


    Marie Schaefer Elementary School

    The elementary school had no permanent sound system in the gym/auditorium

    Deliver a permanent, easy to use sound solution for the Elementary School


    Marie Schaefer Elementary School, located in O’Fallon, Illinois, is responsible for providing a comprehensive program for all students, including music education and extra-curricular activities. Therefore, when Ms. Carrie Crago became the music teacher in 2015, her first order of action was to implement an enhanced sound solution for the gym/auditorium which doubled as a music room.

    The school had been utilizing a make-shift sound system consisting of a portable amplifier, a couple of small speakers and wired microphones. With the time-consuming setup and lackluster result, the school was in need of a new sound solution. While having implemented new sound systems in four of her previous schools, Ms. Crago had specific criteria and technology solutions provider in mind.

    “The system needed to be a ‘user-friendly’ with little to no setup required and without open access to the control panel. Since it is a multi- purpose space, the system had to have the ability to direct sound to a given area. With one of the uses being gym class, the installation pieces would need protection from sports equipment. Having worked with Tech Electronics before, I knew they would not only be able to meet all of our requirements but also deliver a quality sound solution,” said Mrs. Crago.
    To address the criteria of the customer and provide a performance sound system, Tony Badamo, Pro Sound Technology specialist for Tech Electronics, recommended a solution proven to provide outstanding intelligibility in acoustically demanding spaces. Marie Schaefer Elementary School is now equipped with the following state-of-the-art sound solutions:

    • Dual Triple Stack full-range modular line array – for enhanced intelligibility in a reverberant environment.
    • Wireless and wired microphones
    • 16-Channel Mixing Console – to route multiple input audio signals to various portions of the space.
    • Professional Single CD Player with Bluetooth Capability – for pre-recorded music needing to be amplified
    • Two-Channel Digital Processing System
    • Laptop Interface with Stereo Output – for daily music classes
    • Dual Channel Amplifiers – for amplifying sound in different areas of the space
    • Ball Guard for MA12 – to protect the loudspeakers from gym equipment.

    As a result, the new solution delivers clean and clear sound across the multi-purpose space and meets the requirements of the customer.


    “We’ve been using the system for nine months now and have not had any negative issues. The system is easy to use and it provides a tremendous improvement in the daily classroom work. Other than a few scheduling issues, all went smoothly. The Tech Electronics staff was very helpful with suggestions and prompt in responding to any questions we had or messages we left. We are very pleased and would definitely partner with Tech in the future.”


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