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    Tech Electronics Modernizes Fire Alarm Systems Across the Mehlville School District as Part of Their Five-Year Plan


    Mehlville School District

    Meet Fire Marshal standards and comply with codes through more streamlined and modern fire alarm systems.

    Tech Electronics designs and installs Notifier fire alarm systems into schools in the Mehlville School District.

    Schools are better equipped to meet safety standards with unified fire alarm solution.


    The Mehlville School District, located in south St. Louis County, encompasses the communities of Mehlville, Oakville, Concord, and Lemay. The district educates approximately 11,000 students through one early childhood center, ten elementary schools, four middle schools, and two high schools.

    Mehlville is committed to its mission of providing a “safe and nurturing environment” for its students. Four years ago, discussions with Fire Marshals led to a recommendation for improving the existing fire alarm systems; Mehlville immediately took action. The school district established a Facilities Committee, consisting of board members and qualified parents in the district. The committee developed a five-year improvement plan, with plans for the first three years set in place.

    Installations began in the summer of 2012. Within the first two years, improvements were made to Mehlville and Oakville High Schools, as well as Rogers and Beasley Elementary Schools.  Three schools underwent systems improvements in 2014 which included Forder, Hagemann, and Trautwein Elementary Schools.

    The Facilities Committee was tasked with finding a company capable of making the improvements recommended by the Fire Marshal. The Committee knew that finding a local partner would provide the school district with service support and inspections.

    Systems integrator Tech Electronics was the ideal choice for the project. Along with the decision to partner with Tech Electronics, the district also committed to using Notifier for their fire alarm systems.

    “The decision to go with the Notifier really came down to the school district’s need for better service,” said Amy Puleo, Account Manager at Tech Electronics. “The district wanted a local provider that would do a better job than what they were currently experiencing, so Tech Electronics’ expertise with Notifier made both an easy choice.”

    As one of the nation’s leading providers of Notifier fire alarm systems, Tech Electronics also staffs Notifier certified personnel to provide customized support and service. The installation of the Notifier alarms will transform the district from a hodgepodge of fire alarms to one uniform system.   Puleo also said that the local fire marshals consider Tech Electronics’ employees to be trusted advisors with regards to these systems, specifically with the design and codes.

    Choosing the Notifier system also meant that the fire alarms came with a UUFX warranty agreement. This agreement guarantees a warranty for the product for six years. It also guarantees that Tech Electronics will respond to a service call within two hours of being activated. To be a UUFX district, the system has to be designed to meet standard UL codes.

    Once work began, the partnership between Mehlville School District and Tech Electronics experienced no serious obstacles during the installation process with the fire alarm systems. Even when there was some unforeseen work added to the scope of the project, Tech Electronics was able to add the project easily without pushing back the completion date. The systems integrator was able to install a new intercom system for Oakville Senior High School when their old system failed.

    For Steve Habeck, Director of Facilities for the Mehlville School District, all these factors made the decision to go with Tech Electronics a smart choice.

    “We’ve always had good experiences with Tech Electronics,” said Habeck. “From small to large projects, they have always done honest, solid work for us, with no hidden costs.”

    With school safety issues top of mind for parents and staff, Mehlville School District knew it was important always to be aware of systems that can improve the well-being of their students. Their decision to work with Tech Electronics and install the Notifier system reflected that awareness.

    Tech Electronics also knew that having the project completed before school started was a necessity.  The installation process began on June 2, 2014, and was completed on August 1, 2014. With school starting on August 14, it was important for the job to be wrapped up beforehand.  Although plans for years four and five of the installation process are still in review from the district’s Facilities Committee, Habeck is hopeful that three more schools will benefit from updated fire alarms systems and improvements.

    Parents and staff have peace-of-mind knowing that students are safe in their school with the new Notifier system in place. Mehlville School District and Tech Electronics worked together to make updates on fire alarm systems throughout the district. With three more schools under their belt in year three of the five-year plan, Mehlville schools are now closer to their goal.


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