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    Intruder Alert System Earns Rockwood School District an A+ for Safety


    Rockwood School District – Eureka, Missouri

    Outdated security and intercom systems

    Rockwood collaborates with Tech Electronics to install Valcom’s Class Connection intruder alert system in their network of 29 Schools.

    Rockwood School District now has the most up-to-date system available on the market today.


    The Rockwood School District is one of the largest in Missouri, serving more than 22,000 students from parts of western St. Louis and northern Jefferson counties, with a network of 19 elementary schools, six middle schools, and four high schools.

    Dedicated to the safety and well-being of the students in the district, Rockwood continues to improve and implement new safety procedures, plans, and tools. In the event of an emergency situation, the school district follows four guidelines: Prepare, Prevent, Respond, and Recover.  Each guideline is constantly updated to become more efficient and effective should a real-life disaster scenario take place. With crisis plans in place and consistent communication with local law enforcement and safety officers, the Rockwood School District is committed to continually improve the safety of both its students, staff and community.

    Recent school shooting tragedies prove that any facility’s security and access control systems are vulnerable, and the school district knew its burglar alarm and out-of-date intercom systems needed a major upgrade.  To ensure the best safety and security systems within the schools, Rockwood School District enlisted solutions-based systems integrator, Tech Electronics, to review and create a customized plan to update the security.

    As a technology services organization, Tech Electronics has been a trusted consultant of the Rockwood School District for more than 20 years. When it was time to update the schools’ security systems, Tech Electronics was the district’s obvious choice. In the past, the company has installed standardized fire alarm systems, security cameras, class schedule bells and intercom systems for the school district.

    In this case, Tech Electronics chose Valcom’s Class Connection intruder alert system as the best solution for the district’s network of 29 schools. The communications system has allowed the Rockwood School District to condense the amount of systems they use while at the same time increase security and simplicity.

    “Our goal has always been to provide the most tailored and effective systems within our clients’ facilities,” said Amy Puleo, sales account manager for Tech Electronics. “Providing an environment that is both safe and functional for students and staff is a top priority for us at Tech Electronics.”

    Class Connection is a versatile communications system that can be utilized as Administration software, a paging intercom, facility management and a schedule monitor. The microprocessor based paging communications system integrates with any telephone system allowing district-wide paging interfaces. Backed up by battery power, the paging system will still work between classrooms, buildings and the multiple school locations within the district even during a power outage.

    In order to comply with school safety standards today, a school district must have a comprehensive safety plan or crisis-response plan.  Rockwood wanted to maximize and maintain the most up-to-date regulations to ensure the utmost safety of its students and staff.

    Before installing the system, Rockwood and Tech Electronics communicated with the local police and fire officers about the installation of the system to ensure adherence to fire, electrical and safety codes.  The systems integrator worked with both the district and the community to educate law enforcement, schools and parents on the new security system being implemented.

    Not only has the installation of the Valcom system improved the safety of the school, but it also enhanced the class schedule bells and intercom system.

    “We had performed a detailed search of existing technology and out of all providers the Tech Electronics and Valcom team was the best solution as far as state-of-the art technology, efficient installation and follow-up service,” said David Blickenstaff, director of facilities for Rockwood School District.

    Tech Electronics conducted in-depth training with school officials and maintenance technicians on the use and operation of the system.  Faculty and staff now have the ability to initiate an intruder alert from any phone throughout the interconnected school district.

    Rockwood School District has always made its students the top priority. Recognized by the Missouri State Department of Education for Distinction in Performance in its education and service to students, Rockwood School District now has the most up-to-date security system available in the market today.

    The combined efforts of Rockwood School District and Tech Electronics resulted in the district having the most up-to-date security system available on the market today, and the district has been recognized by the Missouri State Department of Education for Distinction in Performance in its education and service to students.


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