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    New Fire Detection and Voice Alarm System Lowers Disruptions, Provides Superior Smoke Detection and Meets Updated Building Regulations


    St. Louis County Courts

    The St. Louis County Courts Building’s fire alarm system had not been updated since the 1970s, making the system obsolete. The building would consistently experience false alarms, not only disrupting the daily functions of the courts, but costing the county out-of-budget money.

    After analyzing the building’s needs, Tech Electronics chose to install the NOTIFIER ® Fire Detection and Voice Alarm System..

    The new system has allowed the St. Louis County Courts Building to easily detect a fire condition in the building and cut cost by eliminating false alarms. In addition, the voice alarm system gives St. Louis County the capability to make announcements in the event of other emergencies or severe weather.


    The St. Louis County Courts Building in Clayton, Missouri was built in 1970, when regulations only required basic fire alarm systems be installed in buildings. This County Government Building had not updated their fire alarm systems since the building was constructed, making the systems obsolete. In fact, the building would consistently experience false alarms, disrupting the daily functions of the courts and costing the county money. St. Louis County turned to systems integrator and technology services organization, Tech Electronics.  Tech Electronics is known for its extensive experience in providing fire and life safety systems to government organizations as well as the business communities.

    “We chose Tech Electronics because of their expertise,” said Jacob Gorelik, project manager in the department of St. Louis Public Works. “The project was an upgrade of the existing fire alarm system and we knew Tech Electronics could handle the job.”

    When Tech Electronics surveyed the St. Louis County Courts Building, the company immediately recognized that the building was in dire need of an upgraded fire alarm system.  After analyzing the building’s needs, Tech Electronics chose to install the NOTIFIER ® Voice Alarm System. This integrated alarm system provides emergency warnings for severe weather, security events, and fire.

    Furthermore, the NOTIFIER ® visual signaling devices meet the requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). The system uses voice and visual signal strobes to notify the building’s occupants of any potential or existing danger.  Having completed numerous projects in the past according to ADAAG standards, Tech Electronics was able to efficiently install the system.  Due to the six large floors that make up the building, Tech Electronics needed to update the County Courts Building security in two different stages. The systems integrator began with the older fire alarm systems near the elevators on each of the floors. After completing the updates by the elevators, Tech Electronics moved on updating the systems floor by floor. During the installation, Tech Electronics was able to get the system up and running without disturbing the daily activities of the courts.

    In order to meet the St. Louis County’s fire code standards, Tech Electronics coordinated the design of the alert system with the Clayton Fire Marshall as well.

    “Any time we work on a project that involves the safety of the facilities’ occupants, we like to bring in the local Fire Marshals to get their input on the systems we are installing,” said Steve Holtkamp from Tech Electronics. “In addition, we perform the required testing and maintenance of the fire alarms according to the National Fire Protections Standards and local code regulations.”

    The installation of the NOTIFIER ® Voice Alarm System has been a reliable upgrade for St. Louis County.

    “The false alarms were costly and very disruptive to the operation of the courts,” said Gorelik. “Since the installation by Tech Electronics, we haven’t had any false alarms. Should there be a fire or an emergency of some sort in the building, I am confident it will be detected early.”

    St. Louis County was impressed with the level of expertise and professionalism of Tech Electronics and will be consulting Tech Electronics for future projects.

    “We now have enhanced capabilities to communicate with different parts of the building, detect earlier and know precisely the location of the fire,” said Gorelik. “We look forward to working with Tech Electronics in the future.”

    St. Louis County was impressed with the level of expertise and professionalism of Tech Electronics and will be consulting the company for future projects.

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