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    University of Indianapolis Amplifies Athletic Events With a New Pro-Sound System


    University of Indianapolis

    Improving sound quality, coverage and music capabilities to create a safe and enjoyable environment.

    Tech Electronics partners with One Systems, Inc. to upgrade and custom design a sound system using state-of-the-art loudspeakers for the University’s athletic venues including Greyhound Park and Key Stadium.

    New Pro-Sound System solution enhances auditory and music experience for University of Indianapolis athletic events.


    The University of Indianapolis, popularly known as UINDY, is a private university located minutes from downtown Indianapolis. The campus serves more than 5,200 students and is a NCAA Division II school; UINDY is recognized for having one of the best athletic programs in the country. Athletics are a major draw for the University, which boasts 21 sports teams – eight of them ranked in the top-20 nationally – and features more than seven athletics facilities, including Greyhound Park and Key Stadium.

    Providing quality sound experience is one of the top priorities of UINDY’s sports facilities. Due to the growing number of fans and recognition in the college sports world, UINDY needed to upgrade its sounds system to accommodate its expanding fan base and game day experience. Upon further inspection, it was made known that the campus’ electrical supply was inefficient and would not support the type of system the University needed.

    University of Indianapolis turned to systems integrator, Tech Electronics of Indiana, for its extensive experience in providing flexible Pro-Sound solutions for educational institutions. In fact, the company recently installed a Pro-Sound System solution for the UINDY’s Baumgartner Field, which is home to the Lady Hound’s Softball Team, and resolved an issue with the sound system at Nicoson Hall Gymnasium.

    “After working with Tech Electronics before, we knew they were the best fit to for the job,” said Bob Brubeck, Assistant Athletic Director for Facilities and Game Day Operations at University of Indianapolis. “Tech’s project proposal was an exact fit for our expectations to improve the sound quality and in game experience at the stadium and park.”

    Tech Electronics analyzed the facility needs for both Greyhound Park and Key Stadium.  Tech determined both systems were outdated and underperforming for their specific environment.  Based on the needs and budgets of each facility, a new Pro-Sound System, featuring a loudspeaker, from One Systems, Inc was recommended.  One Systems provides top performance sound quality solutions that are impervious to the Midwest’s sporadic and hazardous weather conditions.

    Tech Electronics knew the loudspeaker’s unique weather-proof solution would be a perfect fit for the University’s Athletic Venues. Tech Electronics selected One Systems’ designs for its easy-to-use technology and weather protective feature for outdoor facilities. These loudspeaker systems utilize advanced acoustic technologies to ensure high vocal intelligibility, full-range frequency response and musical clarity for the best possible sound in any environment. One Systems has a superb reputation for audio excellence, flexibility and durability, which is why Tech Electronics relies on the brand to provide its clients with top quality loudspeakers.

    “When upgrading to a state-of-the-art system like this one, the electrical supply is something that needs to be considered,” said Jeff Watson, Director of Tech Electronics of Indiana. “Once we started installing the system we realized the electrical supply was inefficient, which can be challenging, but we’re pleased with the outcome and trust the system will deliver high quality sound solution for the client.”

    In order to upgrade the inadequate 120vac power requirements, Tech Electronics partnered with Sun Electric to provide the necessary skilled labor.  Sun Electric also was very instrumental in hanging and mounting the loudspeakers properly at both Greyhound Park and Key Stadium.

    “Any time we work on a project that involves specific electrical upgrades, we bring in the local experts to ensure the work is completed correctly and effectively,” added Watson

    Although wiring an outdated system presented a challenge during the project, Tech Electronics was not only able to tailor the equipment and installation to fit each venues needs, but enhance the sound quality experience for sports fans.

    “After using the new loudspeakers and wireless microphones systems, our fans have experienced a dramatic difference at our sporting events,” said Brubeck.

    UINDY sports fans have a better sound experience with the new solution and it has also enhanced safety plans. The University recently needed to evacuate Key Stadium due to the weather conditions and the powerful, weather-protected sound system proved to be a great investment, as the occupants were evacuated as seamlessly as possible.

    “We now have enhanced audio and sound capabilities to make announcements, play music, and provide an overall greater in game experience for our fans and players than ever before,” said Brubeck. “We look forward to working with Tech Electronics on future projects.”

    Tech Electronics effectively worked within the construction process with an ever-present focus on the customers’ needs.  Tech provided the University of Indianapolis with a sound system solution which enhances the game day experience.  Besides sporting events, the new sound system also allows the University to accommodate other events such as Graduation and homecoming events.


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