Tech Electronics offers Fire Suppression systems to keep you safer

In the event of a fire, each second the flames and smoke go unchecked increases the risk of harm to people and property. The sprinklers required by fire code are a good start in any containment plan, but additional solutions can help keep a building and its occupants much safer. Tech Electronics can give you a leg up in protecting your people and assets from fire.

We partner with several manufacturers offering the latest and best in fire suppression technology. In addition, our solutions designers have decades of experience in fire suppression, and are equipped to handle buildings of all sizes and all purposes. Their expertise, in combination with our wide range of offerings ensures that we can always find the best solution for your specific case. From design to installation to training, Tech has you covered.

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Portable fire extinguishers rarely get a second look, but are very effective when the time comes. The National Association of Fire Equipment Distributors (NAFED) found in studies that portables are effective in extinguishing fires before emergency personnel arrived 95% of the time. In the remaining cases, the fire was successfully contained until professionals arrived. When coupled with effective training, portables can help give everyone in your building peace of mind.


The combination of high heat, open flame and flammable materials means restaurant kitchens are always at risk for fires. Range hoods are a vital part of any restaurant’s fire protection plan, and Tech Electronics is here to help. Our fire suppression specialists have the knowledge to assist you in selecting and installing the right system to keep your kitchen up to code, and more importantly, safe.


Traditional water sprinklers are very effective in controlling large fires and protecting people, but less so in extinguishing small fires in equipment enclosures. Clean agent systems provide early detection, acting before sprinklers engage to prevent water damage to high-value assets. Fire protection fluid is released in a gas form, allowing it to spread throughout the entire room in seconds. It even penetrates enclosures such as server cabinets, making it a must-have solution for server rooms and larger data centers.