Tech Electronics, a St. Louis based Managed Systems Services Partner, was selected as the premier technology solutions provider for the new City Foundry STL. The first phase of the mixed-use development will include close to $1 million in communication and life safety technology.

“As a company with a long history in the city of St. Louis, being a part of a project that will continue in the revitalization of Midtown – is historic,” says Scott Knapp, Account Manager for Tech Electronics.

Tech Electronics will be equipping the public and outdoor spaces of almost half a million square feet development with public use WiFi, sound systems and video displays. Safety features will include video surveillance and emergency call stations in the parking areas.

“Technology is a very important aspect of the visitor experience,” said Todd Rogan, Director of Development for the Lawrence Group.  “Having guest Wi-Fi and entertainment throughout the public areas as well as advanced security features will provide an enjoyable and safe environment for visitors.”

All technology features will be available when the space opens in the Fall of 2020. Additionally, Tech Electronics will provide on-site and remote IT Services, managing and maintaining the City Foundry’s data network after the project is concluded. Tech Electronics is also the preferred technology vendor for all of City Foundry’s future tenants.