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Access Control

Access Control

TECHcloud Access Control

A cloud-based access control system provides centralized management, real-time updates, and control without the cost and complexity of traditional physical access systems. Not every organization is able to invest in the high infrastructure costs of local servers and hardware that is required for physical access control. With TECHcloud Access Control, you can simplify your overall security with our flexible, intuitive, and easy-to-manage solutions—all without the upfront cost.

Moving your access control system to the cloud helps you leverage the power of online management as well as remotely secure access to all of your facilities from anywhere on any device.

There are countless advantages to migrating your systems to the cloud. Find out the endless possibilities TECHcloud has to offer by contacting us today.

Why Use Cloud Access Control?

There are many reasons to move your access control system to the cloud, especially if you are a small-to-medium sized business without a technical staff or if you are an organization that operates out of multiple buildings. Cloud-based access control provides the perfect flexibility for growing companies and those with fluctuating workforces (freelancers, interns, contractors, etc.) because it is easy to centrally manage and monitor access rights across office locations.

You receive more than just an access control system from Tech Electronics. With our technology experts at your disposal, you gain peace of mind knowing that your business’ security needs are handled safely and efficiently. Our team can provide system health monitoring and help desk technical support without any fees!

Benefits of using TECHcloud Access Control services include:

  • The management, headend, and brains of the software are placed on a secure external server
  • Access the cloud from anywhere
  • Simple and intuitive user interface
  • On-demand user removal or additions
  • Flexibility when needing to expand or change locations
  • Low internet bandwidth needs
  • Application is housed in a secure data center
  • Use on standard browsers
  • Mobile app available
  • You no longer have to maintain the security infrastructure

Over time, cloud-based access control systems have proven to be more cost effective, and many of the features listed above already contribute to lower costs.

Cloud-Based Access Control Systems

Tech Electronics provides the protection you need and the convenience you want. Not everyone’s security requirements are the same, which is why we offer a variety of solutions that can be tailored to accommodate your specific business needs.

Contact us today to ensure that both your people and your property are consistently safe using the latest in access control technology.