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Information Technology

Information Technology

TECHcloud IT

A reliable computer network starts with a solid foundation built on security, access, and timely maintenance. It’s a balance of the right knowledge, experience, and hardware to fit the needs of your organization. While no two networks are the same, at its core all high-performance networks are built on the same principals.

When your business depends on technology for day to day activities, having a managed service partner you can rely on is paramount. Tech Electronics offers cloud services that ensure system reliability and maximize your IT investment; with security at the forefront of every product. Don’t wait for systems to fail, team up with Tech Electronics to determine whether a TECHcloud IT solution is right for your business.

There are countless advantages to migrating your systems to the cloud. Find out the endless possibilities TECHcloud has to offer by contacting us today.

Optimal FX Proactive Network Monitoring

TECHcloud IT provides your company with a comprehensive remote network monitoring solution that allows you to manage and report on all aspects of your business infrastructure. Tech Electronics couples our world-class help desk with our Optimal FX proactive monitoring services giving you the most advanced tools at your disposal. Optimal FX monitors your systems 24/7 and generates alerts for any issues, often before they can impact your business.

Benefits of using our TECHcloud network monitoring system:

  • Accurate insight into your network
  • Proactive alerts for critical system issues
  • Update and patch management
  • Backup job monitoring
  • Anti-virus management
Firewall Management Services

Security threats come in all shapes and sizes. When it comes to your network, mitigating these threats starts at your firewall—making the upkeep of critical systems imperative.

Not having the resources to keep systems up-to-date, patched, and secure opens the door for viruses, Trojans, and outbound cybercriminals to steal your confidential information. By subscribing to TECHcloud Managed Firewall Service, our experts take control of the updates, patches, and changes for a flat monthly fee. Unmanaged, out of date solutions simply can’t provide this level of protection.

  • Block threats before they enter your network
  • Eliminate bottlenecks
  • Keep your network productive
  • Secure mobile access from any platform
  • All-in-one solution
  • Comprehensive security at a small business price
WiFi Services

Are you looking for reliable, secure, and fast wireless service for your business? We see it all the time, customers have wireless, but the coverage is spotty, or it goes down all the time. Disruptions in your coverage are caused by sources of interference or changes in the environment; even your neighbor’s wireless network can impact your network performance.

With TECHcloud WiFi as a Service, you have a team of experts keeping your configuration up-to-date, ensuring your wireless network is always working at full capacity. Since not all companies have the same network needs, we have multiple packages to ensure you have the right coverage for your business.

Cloud-Based IT Services

Tech Electronics offers a variety of IT solutions hosted in our secure data center, designed to alleviate the burden of managing and maintaining on-premise technology. By migrating your systems to TECHcloud, you can improve your business’ operational efficiency and maximize your IT investment. We deliver the latest technology solutions and work with you to tailor our services to your business’ needs.

Contact us today for advanced cloud-based IT solutions.