Secure Your Facility with Access Control Systems

In securing any business, the first step is protecting your entry and exit points with an access control system. A locked door was one of the earliest forms of physical security in human history and continues to keep people and property safe to this day. The technology, however, has improved dramatically from the early days of locksmiths and physical keys.

Electronic access control offers greater flexibility, scalability, and a much higher overall level of security. Time/day-specific restrictions and area restrictions give you control of who can access which parts of your facility, and when. And with a comprehensive audit trail, real-time event notifications, and numerous integrations with other security solutions (including video surveillance and intrusion detection), a modern access control system offers peace of mind in having a powerful security knowledge base at your disposal.

No matter the shape and size of your business, our access control specialists can design a solution.

With a wide range of devices available in both cloud and on-premise formats, Tech Electronics has options to meet any set of needs.

Credential-based Access Control

There are numerous credential options available on the market, each offering different advantages. Tech Electronics can design, install and service a broad array of devices, including:

  • Smart Card
  • Keypad
  • Key Fob/Proximity
  • Bluetooth/NFC Smartphone
  • Biometric

Cloud-based Access Control

The industry is increasingly shifting toward cloud-based access control systems, and for good reason. A cloud platform allows for remote access to your system, more scalability, and most crucially, greater dependability, as the system doesn’t rely on one single server. Additionally, the lack of a large capital purchase makes it a more cost-effective option, and offers greater financial flexibility. Tech Electronics also offers fully managed access control in an as-a-service format, and will proactively service, maintain and monitor your access control system.

Monitoring Services

When the safety and security of your business depend on your technology, it is crucial to make sure that technology is operating at its full potential. Monitoring services from Tech Electronics can help ensure the functionality of your technology with system health notifications to authorized users, as well as alert the appropriate authorities and provide helpful information in the event of an emergency. Our central monitoring station, CenterPoint Technologies, is staffed 24/7 with SIA and CSAA-certified operators, and meets and exceeds the stringent standards of Underwriters Laboratories.

Access Control Services

We offer multiple options to choose from, providing access control for any and all budgets and facilities. To protect your facility and its occupants, rely on Tech Electronics for your access control services. Contact us today for advanced cloud-based access control solutions.