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Three Reasons to Switch to Conference Room as a Service

By February 19, 2021February 24th, 2021No Comments

One of the biggest trends of recent years in the business has been that collaboration is more important than ever. The ability to connect and share ideas, whether with teammates or customers, is crucial to staying productive.

However, the conference room has often proven to be a point of frustration for business owners and employees alike, and you don’t have to do too much digging to find out why. However, the advent of as-a-Service offerings has provided a readymade, affordable solution to nearly any business’s conference room woes. 

Conference Room as a Service (CRaaS) is here, and it represents the future of collaboration technology. If you haven’t heard of it or are otherwise unconvinced, here are our top three reasons to switch:

1. CRaaS removes the burdens of ownership.

Take a second and think about what owning your conference room technology really means. Above all else, it means having to buy it, and when life is as unpredictable as it is at present, making a large capital expenditure is nobody’s idea of a good time. 

Beyond that, though, it also means the responsibility to maintain it. Who is actually responsible for making sure the conference room is working properly? More often than not, there isn’t a great answer, which means the responsibility gets shunted onto an already overloaded IT department. Perhaps this describes your current setup, and you’ve found yourself thinking, “There must be a better way.” 

Fortunately, there is! The entire cost of CRaaS is covered by a nominal monthly fee, which includes maintenance and replacements.

2. CRaaS is easy to use.

If you’ve ever found yourself doing mental math trying to add up all the minutes you’ve spent waiting while the host of a meeting struggles with presentation technology, we feel your pain. CRaaS, on the other hand, is designed to be intuitive to use. Meetings can be scheduled and operated using a simple touchscreen interface, and participants can easily connect their own devices to present. Better still, CRaaS integrates with popular collaboration platforms like Zoom and Microsoft Teams, allowing you to leverage those existing assets. In a climate where remote and hybrid office environments are becoming much more common, this is a key functionality.

3. CRaaS is future-proof and scalable.

The product obsolescence cycle is a constant pain point when it comes to technology, and we get it. Few things are more frustrating than investing in something that will need to be replaced within a few years. We believe in long-term partnerships that provide real value to customers, rather than momentary solutions. 

With that idea in mind, future upgrades and technology refreshes are covered as part of CRaaS’s regular monthly fee. And if your business grows, CRaaS can turn nearly any room into a presentation-ready space using the same state-of-the-art, standardized technology. All it takes is an existing network connection. 

The Way Forward

When you consider how big a role a conference room can play in day-to-day operations, it only makes sense that it should be empowering your business rather than wasting time, money and effort. CRaaS offers an easy way to turn your least favorite room in the office into a genuine value add.

Sound good? Contact us today to get started.