When I was approached by the Cardinal Glennon Children’s Foundation to have Tech be a sponsor for Homers for Health, I knew getting the cost approved would be difficult. After hearing Alex’s story, I knew there was no way Tech was not going to be involved.

Alex’s story…..

Alex was born perfectly healthy but at 5 years old he became very sick. He was diagnosed with large B cell Lymphoma which is a fast growing cancer. He immediately underwent intense chemotherapy and became extremely sick. Alex spent 23 days in intensive care. Luckily Alex went into remission.

Then when Alex was 10 his Lymphoma was back. The doctors at Cardinal Glennon discovered Alex had a rare blood disorder linked to Lymphoma and would need to undergo a bone marrow transplant. Fortunately, his brother and sister were an exact match.  After more chemo and surgeries, Alex went into remission again.

According to Alex and his family there are 2 reasons for his recovery.  First and most importantly it was  the wonderful care and compassion they received from everyone at Cardinal Glennon.  Particularly, the Costats Center.  Second, is Homers for Health. This organization led by Matt and Leslie Holiday is truly amazing. The story of Alex and Matt Holiday, according to Alex is the best thing that has ever happened to him.  On Alex’s 10th birthday and 2nd battle with Lymphoma, the Holiday family, and Trevor Rosenthal came to visit.  Even though he was very sick he  was thrilled that they talked and got some pictures and autographs.

That night the cardinals played and Matt hit a home run.  Somehow, Matt  found out who caught the ball and got it back.  After the game, Matt stopped by to see Alex to give him a birthday present.  When Alex made it back to school, he had a homework assignment to list the 5 most valuable things in his life – #1 was his autographed Matt Holiday baseball.

That story right there is the reason Tech Electronics is a sponsor for the Homes for Health organization.