By: Laura Wasson, Executive of Voice Technologies

A number of technologies have come to the forefront of the business landscape during the pandemic, and many of them focus on one key goal: improved communication. As the second wave of the surges and businesses are faced with changes and logistical hurdles at every turn, the importance of this goal is increasingly apparent.

The ability to reach co-workers or customers clearly, quickly, and effortlessly whether in or outside the office, is essential to getting things done in a COVID world. With this in mind, cloud-based VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) is a must-have for any business hoping to meet the challenges of these times.

The Cloud-Based VoIP Advantage

Even before COVID, the benefits of a cloud-based VoIP platform were clear and observable. A growing number of businesses are seeing the advantage of letting go of traditional technology ownership burdens. Instead, their technology partner who provides the hardware, proactive monitoring, maintenance, and upgrades at a fixed monthly cost.

In turn, this allows businesses to dedicate fewer resources to make sure their technology is up to date and functioning properly. Accordingly, they can spend more time focusing on what matters to their business: achieving key objectives and communicating with customers.

However, the area where modern cloud VoIP offerings truly shine through during the pandemic is in feature-functionality. VoIP allows employees to access their “office” phone from anywhere in the world with a high-speed internet collection, as well as from mobile devices like cell phones. Given that these days, the ability to communicate outside the office is at a premium, this is an essential solution.

Additionally, PC softphone functionality allows employees to see when their co-workers are currently on a call or unavailable to speak and chat with them using a built-in instant messaging utility instead. In a remote environment, when employees are on calls much more frequently than usual, this ability to avoid gaps in communication can be invaluable.

Tech Electronics Provides VoIP That Adds Value

Tech Electronics began selling telephones over half a century ago, in 1969. In the years since we have made continual efforts to stay current. This constant drive to put forth the best available voice solutions is at the heart of our TECHcloud Voice offerings.

Tech Electronics is unique in offering localized, boots-on-the-ground technician support for our TECHcloud Voice customers, both during the implementation phase and for service. Beyond that, Tech’s array of other as-a-Service offerings means that our cloud-based VoIP platform seamlessly integrates into an entire suite of building and network technologies.

Finally, in uncertain times such as these, business owners often find the shape of their companies changing by the minute. TECHcloud Voice offers the flexibility to increase or decrease the number of users, allowing you to continually adapt to the moment.

At Tech, a large part of our mission is helping customers collaborate more effectively, and strong communication is the heart of any collaboration process. We understand that, given the realities of this moment, the importance of technologies that support your communication is only likely to increase.

That is why we remain committed to continually improving our suite of technologies, in order to continually offer customers the best communication tools available. Tech strives to provide solutions that offer value both during this pandemic and in the years to come as well. Contact us today to find out how the new TECHcloud Voice could help your business.