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Tech Electronics Installs VoIP Telephone System and Implements New Contact Center for Growing Bank of Springfield


Bank of Springfield

Improve customer service experience, simplify communication between all locations and provide a solution that will accommodate future growth.

Tech Electronics partnered with Mitel to design and install the MiVoice Solution at all locations to provide unified communications and implemented a new contact center at the bank’s headquarters

Improved customer service, employee productivity and prepares bank for planned growth


The Bank of Springfield (BOS) was originally founded in 1965 in Springfield, Illinois. Since then, the bank has expanded into 10 locations throughout Illinois and holds $730 million in assets. Financial services provided by the Bank of Springfield range from helping individuals and businesses with private banking, wealth management, trust, and insurance.

With plans to add new branches, the Bank of Springfield decided that enhancing their communication technology in advance would lead to a smoother expansion process.  Also, with the competitive nature of the industry, the Bank of Springfield wanted to take the customer service experience to the next level.  The Bank of Springfield needed to find a solution that could not only enhance the customer service experience but support business continuity while new locations were added.

Positioning for regional expansion, the Bank of Springfield’s top priority was selecting a company that would provide a solution to support their plans now and in the future.  Partnership with the solutions-based, systems integrator Tech Electronics was a perfect choice for the Bank of Springfield when they began their process of modernizing their communications systems. From there, Tech Electronics took the helm to find the right solution for the growing company.

After completing an in-depth analysis of the current technology, Tech Electronics turned to Mitel, a global leader in business communications, for the MiVoice Enterprise Solution. This solution provides stand-alone survivability while functioning as one phone system, uniting current and future locations through a single, web-based platform at the bank’s headquarters.

“We recommended the Mitel MiVoice Enterprise Class Solution for its vast features and ability to accommodate growth,” said Cheri Ballard, U.S. Account Manager for Tech Electronics. “The Mitel solution allows BOS to improve customer experience, provides unified communication between all locations and can seamlessly integrate systems to the network.”

The Mitel MiVoice solution is a highly scalable, proven business communication platform outfitted to deliver voice, unified messaging, unified communications, a 20-party conferencing bridge, call accounting and more. The system can work with any mobile device, over any network, with any carrier in the world, through its system control software that runs on virtualized or non-virtualized industry standard servers.

The MiVoice Enterprise system was not the only improvement Tech Electronics provided for the Bank of Springfield. The systems integrator also implemented a sophisticated contact center application to the current data center at the bank’s headquarters. With the pending growth of the business and the always increasing call volumes, the new contact center delivers efficient and consistent customer interaction. Also, the contact center enhances the bank’s management capabilities by identifying the customers need and ensuring they are connected to the correct department or individual.

Disaster planning also came standard with the installation of these new systems. The VoIP allows network administrators to start quickly routing calls through the call center headquarters if something were to happen to one of the branches, such as a power outage.  These solutions have impressed the staff at the Bank of Springfield.

“With the contact center and our Mitel system we are able to pull call logs in real time to make sure we are giving our customers the best possible service,” said Sarah DeFord, Online Bank Officer for the Bank of Springfield. “We can also track peak times for phone traffic which is something we couldn’t do before.”

With expansion plans already in place, the installation of the Mitel MiVoice Solution was the first step in the process.  The Bank of Springfield knew that enhancing customer service efforts with state-of-the-art technology would give them a competitive edge when expanding. It will also allow for a smooth transition for the new branches.

The new Mitel MiVoice Solution exceeded the Bank of Springfield’s expectations and created a strong partnership with Tech Electronics. When the Bank of Springfield announced plans to open three new branch locations, they turned to Tech Electronics to handle the implementation of the Mitel MiVoice Solution in the new locations.  In addition to the Mitel MiVoice Solution, the new contact center takes the Bank of Springfield to the next level of customer service and efficiency.

The Bank of Springfield is now equipped with the communication tools to operate productively and to acquire and serve their customers. Tech Electronics’ vast understanding of the different types of Mitel systems allowed the systems integrator to choose the very best solution to meet the Bank of Springfield’s challenge.

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