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    University City Seeks Full-Service IT Partner, Tech Electronics


    City of University City, Missouri

    To find an IT service provider that can support the entire University City network and reduce staffing costs.

    Tech Electronics collaborates with University City to provide full-service IT solutions and upgrade University City’s technology systems.

    Tech Electronics delivers new systems on time and within budget, allowing Vision Academy to meet its short-term and long-term goals.

    University City is an inner suburb that lies right outside the St. Louis city limits. This vibrant, diverse historical community, known to many as U City, is home to 35,000 residents.

    University City prides itself on keeping the community safe and providing opportunities for economic and physical growth. Due to these weighing responsibilities, the City relies heavily on state-of-the-art technology such as IT network and telephone systems in order to keep the community running safely and efficiently. However, utilizing the latest in communication technology can be costly. University City was in need of a way to provide its facility with a high-tech solution that also helped them to reduce cost. University City decided that outsourcing IT services and partnering with a reputable technology provider would reduce its overhead. In an effort to reduce cost while upgrading its systems, University City turned to long-time telephone systems provider and systems integrator, Tech Electronics.

    University City decided that outsourcing IT services and partnering with a reputable technology provider would reduce its overhead. To reduce cost while upgrading its systems, University City turned to long-time telephone systems provider and systems integrator, Tech Electronics.

    “Tech Electronics has been a valued partner for our telephone systems for years,” said Jared Agee, Deputy Director of Construction and Facilities Maintenance of University City. “We needed to upgrade our telephone systems but we needed help finding the funds, which is why we turned to Tech Electronics.”

    Tech Electronics recommended a full cost analysis of University City’s carrier services. The analysis provided Tech Electronics with a detailed account of the City’s monthly expenditures. After analyzing the costs, Tech Electronics was able to provide a solution that reduced University City’s monthly payments significantly. This allotted the municipality funds to upgrade its telephone systems to a VoIP system and create room in the budget for other technology needs.

    “Not only did we need new phones, we needed IT support,” said Agee. “We knew that outsourcing our IT would reduce costs. After researching opportunities and bidding the project, Tech Electronics proved to be the ideal technology partner.”

    Because the police department and emergency responders rely on the network, the performance and support of the network are imperative. With Tech Electronics’ 50 years of experience and 24/7 support services, the company was the right choice for the job. Since University City had no current IT staff, Tech Electronics entered into an agreement to become its full-service IT provider, including housing a full-time Tech Electronics employee in University City.

    “This is a very unique agreement since University City had no in-house IT support when we came on board,” said Adam Baer, IT Systems Sales Manager. “Not only we were able to provide much-needed IT support, we were able to completely upgrade University City’s network infrastructure while saving them money.”

    University City entered into an agreement with Tech Electronics to provide IT support, including a full-time desktop support staff member and complete access to all of Tech Electronics’ IT resources while reducing its costs. During this partnership, Tech Electronics was able to upgrade University City’s wireless network access in crucial locations. Tech Electronics also upgraded and maintained University City’s VM Ware Infrastructure, Storage Area Network and other key components within the entire network, all at a reduced rate. These upgrades have improved network stability and speed, helping University City Officials work more efficiently.

    By implementing the cost analysis of University City’s carrier services, Tech Electronics not only improved University City’s existing telephones systems but also became its full-service IT support. Tech Electronics’ dedication to providing its customers with the most cost-effective solution is why the company continues to be valued partners of University City.

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