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    Delivering Connection and Protection for St. Louis’ Finest


    Monarch Fire Protection

    Security, monitoring and telephone upgrade for Fire Protection District looking for a one-stop-shop solutions partner

    Access Control, Video Surveillance, Intrusion Detection, IPGSM and Telephones

    Monarch Fire Protection District spans across 62.7 square miles of St. Louis’ West County. The District serves over 60,000 people and is comprised of five firehouses, an administration building, maintenance facility and a training tower. Since their focus is on protecting and serving the large community, the security of the Fire Protection District had not been top of mind, leaving them with outdated or non-existent security systems. To better safeguard their people and property, Monarch Protection District needed to add a layer of protection to their facilities and was looking for a partner that could provide a one-stop shop solution.

    Due to the quality of service, the features of the systems, prices and one-stop shop capabilities, Monarch turned to Tech Electronics for a solution.

    “The Administration building was equipped with old, obsolete analog cameras, and the firehouses had no exterior cameras, leaving them vulnerable to theft while unoccupied during a fire or rescue call,” said Barry Curneal, Fire and Security Technology Specialist for Tech Electronics. “We suggested replacing the analog cameras at the Administration building, adding new IP cameras to all of the firehouses, maintenance facility, and training tower as well as implementing access control, visitor management, and intrusion detection at the Administration Building.”

    The technology solutions provider also suggested the Fire Protection District upgrade their current Fire Alarm monitoring communication solution to IPGSM. Migrating to IPGSM delivers Monarch a more reliable monitoring solution for their new systems.

    In addition to implementing new security and monitoring solutions, Monarch Fire Protection District also decided to upgrade their obsolete standalone telephone systems.

    “The failing system was becoming expensive to maintain and didn’t support disaster recovery if phone lines were to go down, said Safija Perotti, Voice Technology Specialist for Tech Electronics. “We proposed a unified communications solution that would reduce monthly cost by networking the locations, streamline communication between houses and provide resiliency.”

    Through the consultation, system design and installation, Tech Electronics delivered a complete security, monitoring and communication system which includes:

    • Avigilon IP High Definition Plus Cameras – provides comprehensive coverage of the interior and exterior areas.
    • Avigilon Multi-Sensor Cameras – one camera solution that houses multiple imaging sensors to save on material and installation cost.
    • Lenel Access Control System – ES Card Access solution to eliminate the need for keys and control who has access to the Administration building.
    • Aiphone Intercom – Visitor Management and Lockdown technology for the firehouse lobbies.
    • Bosch Intrusion Detection – integrated security solution with intrusion, fire, access, IP video and mobile support
    • Mitel MiVoice Business Systems – Deployed in two locations to provide resiliency on the system and carrier side.
    • Remote IP Telephones – Deployed at four locations to provide extension to extension dialing and failover capabilities.
    • IPGSM Monitoring Solution – provides a multi-access technology as the communication link between systems and the central monitoring station as well as eliminates the need for a dedicated phone line and increases communication and supervision of new systems.

    As a result, Monarch Fire Protection District has a complete solution that safeguards their people and property whether the building is occupied or not.  The robust IP camera solution provides end-to-end coverage that allows administrators to access real-time video or to quickly retrieve recorded video footage which can all be managed from one platform.  The new monitoring and telephone solutions deliver monthly cost savings as well as provide more reliable communication methods.


    “We are very pleased with the sales, installation, and services we have received from Tech Electronics. The solutions are working very well, and we have seen how the expanded feature and capabilities have enhanced the security of our facilities.”


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