Systems are only as reliable as the services that keep them running efficiently and effectively.

When purchasing technology, preventative maintenance is a small albeit necessary, investment to support your systems’ continuing functionality. By partnering with Tech Electronics for maintenance solutions, parts and labor cost can pay for itself in one service event.

As your service provider, we work to notify you of when your annual inspections and testing are due on required systems. Our goal is to ensure your system is always running trouble free and is compliant with any codes and ordinances.

Let Tech Electronics take care of your inspection, testing, and maintenance services to certify that your systems are both functional and fully operational.


Tech provides complete peace of mind and cost-effective risk management for your critical systems. As your partner, we become your single point of contact for accountability across your systems, minimizing your costs while resolving system issues before your people and property are at risk.


In many instances, local codes and ordinances dictate the frequency of when each system is required to be tested and inspected. At Tech Electronics, we have tailored our solutions to meet the standards of the NFPA and Joint Commission for fire alarm systems in order to ensure our fire alarm testing protocols and products are always compliant. We have also expanded this protection across the life-safety spectrum to include Access Control, Video Surveillance and Security Cameras, Nurse Calls, Emergency Calls, Patient Wanderings, Sound Systems, Audio Visual Sytems, Voice and more. In addition to these previous offerings, Tech now also provides inspection and testing of Fire Suppression systems. These solutions let you know that your systems are functional and fully operational.


Keeping the software of your critical systems up-to-date and within the manufacturer’s specifications is recommended for optimal system performance. A Software Support Plan with Tech Electronics ensures your software is kept up-to-date with the most current version, providing access to the newest features and optimizing system functionality.


Tech’s drawdown solutions are designed to increase productivity and provide budget predictable through a defined retainer. Drawdowns guarantee priority scheduling and protect against unexpected and unbudgeted repair expenses.


Support isn’t standard, or one size fits all. Each of our service solutions can be customized or combined to meet our customer’s specific requirements or needs, providing maximum value.


Identifying and onboarding employees with specific technical resources can be a daunting task, however those resources are imperative when it comes to maintaining a life safety, communication, or enterprise security technology. Tech Electronics employs a team of certified technicians that can be dedicated to any customer or customer site to assist with the daily operations of the system performance, system administration, standardizations, projects, professional services, etc. Trust an embedded technical resource from Tech to help improve system performance and reduce system downtime and operational costs.