About Intrusion Detection Systems

It goes without saying that burglary and intrusion can have devastating consequences for a business’s people and property. Preventing unauthorized access to your facility by intruders using increasingly calculated, sophisticated techniques is crucial. As such, intrusion detection alarms are a tremendously beneficial addition to a building’s physical security solutions, and an absolute must-have for protecting high-value assets.

From perimeter entry detection to interior motion detection and more, Tech Electronics offers a suite of intrusion detection devices to protect your facility from unauthorized access.

Our security experts can design, install, and service a solution that is not only custom-tailored to the needs of your building and business, but also integrates with your other security solutions to provide you with the maximum overall protection.

Intrusion Detection Devices

An ideal intrusion detection setup involves a network of different devices, depending on the characteristics and vulnerabilities of the building or space. Tech Electronics offers a number of high quality detection options, including:

  • Contact Devices
  • Glass-break Detection
  • Control Panel
  • Motion Detection
  • Bank Solutions (Bill Trap, Vault and Safe Detection)
  • Keypad

Monitoring Services

When the safety and security of your business depend on your technology, it is crucial to make sure that technology is operating at its full potential. Monitoring services from Tech Electronics can help ensure the functionality of your technology with system health notifications to authorized users, as well as alert the appropriate authorities and provide helpful information in the event of an emergency. Our central monitoring station, CenterPoint Technologies, is staffed 24/7 with SIA and CSAA-certified operators, and meets and exceeds the stringent standards of Underwriters Laboratories.

Intrusion Detection and Prevention

Tech Electronics offers intrusion detection solutions for any and all budgets and facilities. Our wide array of intrusion detection devices can help prevent intruders from unauthorized access and protect your facility, its occupants, and high-value assets. Contact us today!