About Video Management Systems

Studies have repeatedly shown that video surveillance is an effective deterrent against crime, and the technology is improving faster than ever. When it comes to surveillance, Tech Electronics brings decades of experience in the industry, partnerships with top-end manufacturers, and the expertise required to design and deliver custom solutions.

Tech Electronics provides reliability and coverage you can count on. We offer Video Management System (VMS) options with a wide array of available cameras for businesses of all sizes and with any budget to give you peace of mind. And with a growing suite of AI, analytics, and integrations with other security solutions, surveillance isn’t limited to just “security cameras.” Rather, we offer a constantly evolving platform that leverages all the tools at your disposal to keep your people and property safe.

The VMS is the hub of your surveillance infrastructure. It allows users to capture, record, store, retrieve, view, and analyze video collected from their surveillance cameras, and without it, even the most advanced high-res camera on the market offers little value.

Tech Electronics offers a number of VMS options including cloud and on-premise, and can scale from small business to enterprise-level solutions.

Advantages of Cloud-based Video Surveillance

  • Accessibility – With many businesses shifting to work-from-home or hybrid environments, the ability to view and use your system from anywhere has never been more important.
  • Flexibility – Growing business? Scalability is no problem. Add cameras, analytics, and infrastructure according to your needs, with little to no friction. Video storage space is never a limiting factor.
  • Simplicity – Quick implementation and general ease of use means minimal disruption, and you don’t have to be an IT or security expert to get the most out of your system.
  • Affordability – With available as-a-service offerings, you can cover equipment, maintenance, technology refreshes, and upgrades, all under a nominal monthly fee.

Surveillance Cameras

Tech Electronics offers a wide range of surveillance cameras from a variety of manufacturers according to your needs, including (but not limited to):

  • High-definition indoor and exterior
  • Day/Night
  • IP/Wi-Fi enabled
  • Thermal imaging/infrared 
  • AI/Analytics-ready
  • Analog and CCTV

AI Surveillance and Analytics

A modern surveillance system can do so much more than provide visual evidence of something that has already happened. From basics like license plate and vehicle recognition to more advanced behavioral recognition add-ons, Tech Electronics offers the latest in surveillance analytics. With an AI engine that identifies threats or emergencies and alerts authorized users and/or notifies appropriate authorities, your surveillance system can assist you proactively and keep your business safer in real-time.

Monitoring Services

When the safety and security of your business depend on your technology, it is crucial to make sure that technology is operating at its full potential. Monitoring services from Tech Electronics can help ensure the functionality of your technology with system health notifications to authorized users, as well as alert the appropriate authorities and provide helpful information in the event of an emergency. Our central monitoring station, CenterPoint Technologies, is staffed 24/7 with SIA and CSAA-certified operators, and meets and exceeds the stringent standards of Underwriters Laboratories. 

Video Surveillance Solutions

You can rely on Tech Electronics for Video Management Systems. We customize our video cameras and surveillance systems to your business’ unique budget and facility. Contact us today for advanced cloud-based video surveillance solutions.