At Tech, we believe that your technology should always make running your business simpler rather than more complicated. That goes not only for the technology itself but also for maintaining, servicing, and paying for it. The break/fix model means downtime and unforeseen expenses when your technology fails. Tech’s subscription services remove the headache of making sure your technology works by providing proactively monitored solutions and services for a nominal monthly fee, giving you peace of mind.

By eliminating capital purchases and unpredictable expenses allows you to free up cash to spend on your business. Beyond that, the subscription model will enable you to simplify your user experience by bundling your technology and services on one monthly bill. All while accessing and managing each of them from one easy-to-use customer portal. Don’t want to manage your technology? We can do that for you too!

There are countless advantages to migrating your systems to the cloud. Find out the endless possibilities Subscription Services have to offer by contacting us today.


In the event of an emergency, your life safety solutions can make all the difference. Subscription monitoring from Tech Electronics offers peace of mind in knowing those technologies are always functioning at their best, in a package that aligns with your needs. Subscription monitoring provides our cellular monitoring option as both the primary and secondary communication paths, ensuring fast and reliable communication with our central station, CenterPoint Technologies. The solution is bundled as an affordable monthly service with no capital purchase required, and as communication paths evolve, your technology is automatically refreshed at no additional charge.