Vendor News: Avigilon Software Update

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Vendor News: Avigilon Software Update
Video Surveillance Manufacturer Releases New Video Management Version

May 25, 2017 – Tech Electronics, in partnership with Avigilon, announces the release of the latest Video Management Software: Avigilon Control Center (ACC) 6. The new software version introduces advanced features such as the patented Appearance Search, improved bandwidth management, and failover licenses. The recently launched software update from the leading video surveillance manufacturer is a paid upgrade for all current ACC 5 users.

“While the advanced features of the ACC 6 version add many benefits to your video surveillance system, the cost is not advertised along with the upgrade,” says Alex Wasson, Director of Security for Tech Electronics. “We urge our customers to contact us before upgrading to ACC 6 to discuss pricing and benefits.”

The launch of ACC 6 is the first of many software updates for the video surveillance manufacturer. However, customers with ACC 5 systems that are not ready to upgrade can continue to install ACC 5.10 service releases made available on the Avigilon website. For more information regarding ACC 6 roll out or the software fixes for ACC 5, please contact your local Tech Electronics representative.