By: Susan Crane

Today, in the era of instant everything and unlimited options; customer satisfaction isn’t enough. Now it is all about the customer experience. Throughout the entire customer lifecycle, the customer must have an enjoyable experience or next time they will simply go somewhere else. In fact, some industries, such as automotive, have implemented new standards to hold dealerships financially responsible for customer satisfaction. To improve customer satisfaction Manufacturers require the dealerships to track, measure and report on inbound/outbound call volume for reimbursement, making the tally mark method insufficient and ineffective.

The question is, how do dealerships meet the new standards without the cost or engaging a third party? It’s easy… New Business Development Center (BDC) technology allows dealerships to:

  • Analyze Call Volume – Analytics provide dealerships with the number of calls it receives in an hour, day week or month in real-time. Call volume analytics also track which department answers the call and which department receives the highest call volume. Reports can be pulled by the dealership at any time, eliminating the need for a third party to send reports which can cost money and waste time.
  • Measure Efficiency of Advertising – Provides ROI on advertisements by tracking calls received based on the dial in numbers. Dial in numbers can also determine which method of advertising such as, newspaper, radio, TV and social media are most effective.
  • Monitor for Customer Satisfaction – Record calls and play back in real-time to measure BDC responsiveness, wait times and call back information. Supervisors can listen to calls to ensure agents are friendly and knowledgeable as well as pull archived conversations for training or improving the customer’s experience.

The car business is highly competitive. If a customer has a bad experience at one dealership, they can find the same car around the corner at a different dealership. By implementing new technology in your Business Development Center, dealerships cannot only meet the new requirements but provide better service.

As a technology service provider, superior customer service and satisfaction is a cornerstone of our business. By utilizing this technology, we have been able to increase customer satisfaction significantly and improve the customer experience overall. We will provide a no cost, no obligation assessment of your current communications to determine the most cost-effective and efficient ways to enhance your customer’s experience and raise your Standard For Excellence Scores.

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